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presta_footcertificado-prestashop-icoYou can now boost your sales by adding new features to your PrestaShop store. With the guarantee of a Platinum Agency certified by PrestaShop.
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EU Cookie Law (Banner + Blocker) – PrestaShop Module

The only module that allows you to fully comply with the EU cookie law. Display a responsive and custom warning banner and disable cookies when users enter your website until you obtain their consent.

Módulo Ley de Cookies Prestashop (Aviso + Bloqueador) More info

Speed Up Orders Pack – Fast management – 3 Modules Bundle

3 modules: Credit Notes of the Complete Invoice in PDF, Fast Access to Order Details and Changing Order Status Directly from the Order List. Accelerate the management of your orders’ and save time with the Speed Up Orders Pack.

speed-up-orders-pack-fast-management-3-modules More info

Fast Access to Category Details – Quick View / Overview Module

Save a lot of time to see the details of categories without having to edit each category one by one. You can now see the details of your categories directly from the listing of caregories. A real time-saver when you have a lot of categories.

Acceso Rapido a los Detalles de Categoría More info

Empty Cart button – Remove products from the cart Module

Add a multi-language Empty Cart button to your cart so your customers can remove all products from your cart.
Botón vacar carrito More info

Módulo reCaptcha Formulario de Contacto – Protección Anti Spam

Protege tu formulario de contacto de la llegada de correos Spam . ¿Cómo? Instala nuestro módulo de ReCaptcha y olvídate de introducir código. Potencia la seguridad de tu web de forma fácil y sencilla.

portada módulo reCaptcha More info

reCaptcha on Contact Form – Anti Spam Protection Module

Protect your contact form from the arrival of spam emails. How? Install our ReCaptcha module and forget about entering code. Improve your website security easily and simply.

portada módulo reCaptcha More info

Store Reviews + Product Reviews + Google Rich Snippets – PrestaShop Module

Get your own system of verified reviews about your store and products (comments and ratings) and Google Rich Snippets without having to pay any subscriptions. A great alternative to eKomi, Trusted Shops, Trustpilot, Yotpo and Verified Reviews!
Módulo Opiniones Tienda y Productos  – PrestaShop More info

301, 302, 303 URL Redirects – SEO – PrestaShop Module

Create an unlimited number of 301, 302 and 303 URL redirects to optimize the SEO of your website. Also includes a CSV importer to create redirects in bulk.

Módulo Prestashop Redirecciones 301, 302, 303 de URLs More info

Changing Order Status Directly from the Order List Module

Easily and easily change the status of your orders without having to open it, directly from the list of orders. Manage your orders in an agile way and now time in your day to day.

00_MOCKUP_cambiarestadopedido_FR More info

Advanced Client Group Management – Bulk edit Module

Manage the customer groups of your store in a massive and dynamic way. Create and edit groups of customers using filters in bulk. You can filter according to the age of your clients; the number of orders placed or the number of orders placed between specific dates and also depending on the country of origin or the city they belong to.  Save time managing your customers!

00_MOCKUP_lggroup_ES More info

Fast Buy by Reference – Quick CartModule

Promote impulse buying with the Fast Buy Buy module. Its intuitive features and functionalities make it an ideal complement to your online store. How does it work? Simple: choose the products you want by reference and select the quick purchase button. Perfect for B2B businesses!

00_MOCKUP_lgfastbuy_ES More info

Image Compress Optimization – Improve your Speed Module

Maximize the loading speed of your Prestashop store. How? Optimize the images of the site that you choose by compressing them without losing quality. Check your results in record time and offer a great experience to your users.

00_MOCKUP_lgrequality_ES_optimizado More info

Free Shipping by Zone, Carrier, Price and Weight Module

Set free shipping for different geographical zones and carriers based on order price and order weight.
Módulo Prestashop Envío Gratis por Zona, Peso, Precio, Transportista More info

Moving and Assigning Products between Categories Module

Move your products easily and mass from one category to another and/or assign your products to several categories in order to display them in several categories and increase their visibility.

Módulo Prestashop Mover y Asociar Productos entre Categorías More info

Sorting Out Products by Category / Position – PrestaShop Module

Sort out your products by ID, name, reference, number of sales, price, quantity in stock, date (novelties), or custom order. Ascending or descending order.
Módulo Prestashop Ordenar Productos por Categoría More info

Multilingual and Multistore Sitemap Pro – SEO Module

Generate sitemaps of all the urls of your store automatically (cron), in all the languages of your store (multilingual), for all your stores (multistore) and including product/category/manufacturer images.

Módulo Prestashop Generador de Sitemaps Multi-Idioma y Tienda More info

Dropshipping – Emails to Suppliers and Carriers – PrestaShop Module

Send automatically your dropshipping orders to your corresponding suppliers and carriers via emails whose content is customizable with numerous variables that allow you to send all the required data.
Módulo Prestashop Dropshipping – Emails Proveedores y Transportistas More info

Canonical URLs to Avoid Duplicate Content – PrestaShop Module

Add canonical tags to your homepage, product, category, CMS, manufacturer and supplier pages in order to avoid duplicate content and improve your SEO.

lgcanonicalurls More info

Regenerate Thumbnails / Images – PrestaShop Module

Massively regenerate the thumbnail images of your store by page type and image format without overloading the server and without timeout problem. Especially made for catalogs with large number of products.

Módulo PrestaShop Regenerar Miniaturas / Imágenes More info

Google Tag Manager Integration – GTM Module

Easily integrate the script of Google Tag Manager (GTM) to your PrestaShop store to be able to measure traffic, visitor behavior and the impact of online advertising, use remarketing and audience targeting…

Módulo PrestaShop Google Tag Manager – Administrator Etiquetas More info

PACK SEO – Improve your Website Indexation – 3 PrestaShop Modules

3 modules: Multilingual and Multistore Sitemap Generator, 301, 302, 303 URL Redirects and Canonical URLs to Avoid Duplicate Content. Improve the SEO of your store and save 40€ with this great pack of modules!
PACK Prestashop SEO – Mejora tu Posicionamiento – 3 Módulos More info

PACK Trust – Reassure your Customers – 3 PrestaShop Modules

3 modules: Store & Product Reviews + Google Rich Snippets, FAQ Product Sheets Questions about Products and Moving / Scrolling Text for Header. Save time and reassure your customers with this great trust pack !
PACK PrestaShop Confianza – Tranquiliza a tus Clientes – 3 módulos More info

Fast Access to Order Details – PrestaShop Module

Have access to the details of all your orders from the list of orders without having to open / edit any of them. Allows you to save a lot of time.

Módulo Prestashop Acceso Rápido a los Detalles de Pedido More info

PACK Essential – Our Must-Have – 3 PrestaShop Modules

3 modules: Store & Product Reviews + Google Rich Snippets, EU Cookie Law (Banner + Blocker) and 301, 302, 303 URL Redirects. Save money with this great Essential pack!

PACK Prestashop Esencial – Nuestros Módulos Imprescindibles – 3 módulos More info

Advanced Product Search Bar with 3 Filters Module

Add a search bar with 3 filters to your front-office so that your customers can easily filter and find the products they want.

Módulo PrestaShop Barra de Búsqueda Avanzada de Productos More info

PACK Time Saver Pack – Quick / Mass Edit – 3 PrestaShop Modules

3 modules: Move and Assign Products between Categories, Sort Out Products by Category and Fast Access to Order Details. Save time and money with this great time-saver pack !

PACK Prestashop Ahorro de Tiempo – Edición Rápida / Masiva – 3 Módulos More info

Ban & Block Bots based on IP, Country or User-Agent – PrestaShop Module

Forbid access to your store by IP address, country or user-agent. Allows you to block spiders, shopping bots, web crawlers (ex: Yandex, Baidu…).

Módulo Prestashop Bloquear Bots Indeseables por IP, País o User-Agent More info

Product Customization – Add Text over the Product Image – PrestaShop Module

Allow your customers to add a custom text on the product image in order to customize their products.

lgcustomproducts More info

Image Blocks – Banner Ads – PrestaShop Module

Add image blocks / banner ads with links to the left, right or center column of your store. You can choose different images and links for each language.

Módulo Prestashop Bloques de Imagen – Banners de Publicidad More info

Frequently Asked Questions about Products – FAQ – PrestaShop Module

Receive and answer your customer inquiries and display the questions/answers on the product sheets. Frequented Asked Questions.

Módulo Prestashop Consultas sobre Productos – FAQ More info

Moving / Scrolling Text Banner for Header – PrestaShop Module

Insert a moving / scrolling text banner in the header of your PrestaShop store. Set a different message for each language and customise the font, colour, size, direction, behaviour and speed of the moving text.

Módulo Prestashop Banner Texto Deslizante Marquesina More info

Homepage Banners – Add Images on your Home Page – PrestaShop Module

Add all the images you want on the homepage of your shop. You can add as many imags as you want and the images are responsive.
lghomeadvertising More info

Easy Design – Template Customization – PrestaShop Module

Full customization of the design of your shop. Add in your header, footer, homepage, product sheets and columns all the images, texts and scripts you want.

Módulo Prestashop Diseño Fácil – Personalización Plantilla More info

Credit Notes / Memos – Cancellation of Invoices – PrestaShop Module

Create full credit notes / memos for any invoice you need to cancel. Issue the notes in PDF and send them to your clients.

Módulo Prestashop Abonos de Factura – Facturas Rectificativas More info

Block of Links with Images – PrestaShop Module

Add a block of links with images / logos. You can choose different links, logos and link names for each language.

Módulo Prestashop Bloque de Enlaces con Imágenes More info

Hide Subcategory Block on Selected Categories – PrestaShop Module

Hide the subcategory block very easily on the category pages that contain few products and show it on the category pages that contain a lot.

Módulo PrestaShop Ocultar Bloque de Subcategorías More info

List of Responsive Images with Links and Hover Effect – PrestaShop Module

Add a list of responsive images / banner ads with links in your homepage, left and right columns of your store with a hover effect on the images.

Módulo Prestashop Lista de Imágenes Responsive con Enlaces y Efecto Hover More info

Moving Attribute Values Between Attribute Groups – PrestaShop Module

 Easily move attribute values from one attribute group to another in bulk.
lgreorderattribs More info

MDirector – SMS and Email Marketing – PrestaShop Module

Only available for Spain. Synchronize the contacts of your Prestashop with your MDirector account and create professional email and SMS campaigns.

Módulo Prestashop MDirector – Email y SMS Marketing More info

SWF Flash Column Banner – PrestaShop Module

Insert a Flash banner ad (swf format) in the size of your choice. Set a different banner for each language. Place it wherever you want in the left or right column of your Prestashop store.

Módulo Prestashop Banner Flash SWF en Columna More info


With the guarantee offered by a Platinum Agency certified by PrestaShop.




If you need specific features for your PrestaShop store and you can’t find any modules that meet your needs, we will develop it for you. Ask us for a quote without any commitment.

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