EU Cookie Law GDPR (Banner + Blocker) – Update 2020 – PrestaShop Module

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EU Cookie Law GDPR (Banner + Blocker) – Update 2020 – PrestaShop Module

Updated module to fully comply with the regulations regarding cookies of July 2020. It allows you to block cookies until you obtain the consent of the user who accesses your website. And the possibility of selecting the type of cookies to install between functional and third-party.

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COMPATIBLITY Prestashop v1.4.0.1 - v1.7.6.7
DEVELOPED BY Logo Linea Gráfica


  • The only module that fully complies with the European Cookies Law and the LSSI directives
  • Allows you to select the type of cookies to install between functional (mandatory) and third party.
  • Allows you to configure the duration of consent
  • Customizable warning banner to notify users
  • Blocking of cookies when entering the store
  • Loading of cookies after obtaining consent
  • Selection of the modules that you want to deactivate until consent is given
  • Customization of the warning message
  • Customization of the title of the “I accept” and “More information” buttons
  • Responsive notice banner (100% of the window width)
  • Design customization (text color, html code …)
  • Selecting the color of the action buttons
  • Background color selection
  • Selection of opacity rate (transparency)
  • Multi-language module: automatic detection of all the languages ​​of your store
  • Multi-language module: informative text, button titles and links different by language
  • 2 positions for the banner (top and bottom of the screen)
  • Configuration of the duration of consent
  • Preview mode: only visible by the webmaster
  • Banner not visible by search engine robots
  • Compatible with multistore
  • Free and quality support within 90 days after the purchase of the module to help you if you have any problems with the module

Benefits for your customers

Revocation of consent

In compliance with the law, the user may revoke their consent at any time. As soon as they withdraw their consent, the installed cookies are eliminated and consent is requested again.

Banner content and customization

To comply with the LSSI, the module allows you to customize the message that appears in the warning banner (to inform about the cookies used and their purpose) and add a “More information” button to the banner that takes the user to a CMS page of your website (to explain in detail the use of cookies in your store).

The notice banner is responsive and always occupies the entire width of the window. The module includes a Wysiwyg editor that allows you to fully customize the content of the banner (font, color, effects, html code …). You can also choose from the configuration page the background color of the banner, its opacity percentage (transparency) and its position (above or below the screen). In addition, the module is multi-language and automatically detects all the languages of your store, which allows you to write a different message per language.

Information: we have developed the module so that it does not appear when search engine robots crawl your website and that it does not affect your SEO.


Notice in the form of a pop up

The module displays a pop up to inform your customers about the use of cookies and ask for their consent for their installation.


Multi-store mode

The module is compatible with multi-store mode and allows you to put the same warning banner in each of your stores, but the consent is the same for all your stores. If you accept cookies for one of your stores, the module will consider that you have accepted cookies for all your stores (indicate this in the Cookies Policy) and the warning banner will not appear later in the other stores.



Our module fully complies with the European Cookies Law, the LOPD and the LSSI directives and guarantees you complete protection. Updated to comply with the latest modifications of the GDPR.


Full compliance with the European Cookies Law (latest modifications of the RGPD – Update 2020)


New customizable informative responsive configuration banner.

In addition to inserting a warning banner, it is the only module that allows blocking third-party modules that use cookies until the user gives their consent.

It is necessary to know that all the other cookie modules sold in Addons only put a warning banner and do not take into account the user’s consent. They allow cookies to be installed on the user’s computer without their consent or whatever their will.


In addition, it gives you the option to customize the module to comply 100% with the new requirements of the RGPD (European Union). Our Cookies module complies with the Right of rectification, with it users can eliminate the cookies installed from the site simply by accessing a url or even from their own customer profile.

Obtaining consent

The user has to click the “I accept” button in the notice banner to give his consent. From the moment the client gives her consent, the warning banner disappears and all modules that use cookies will be activated and will work as usual. The user can configure the type of cookies to which they want to give their consent.

Cookie blocking

The module allows cookies to be blocked until the user gives their consent. Cookies can be functional (mandatory) or third-party. Allowing the user to consent separately. This complies with the law since it differentiates the different types of cookies that the client accepts.

  • Functional cookies (mandatory): includes the key cookies for the operation of the web. For example, save your login details, shopping cart, etc.
  • Third-party cookies: includes cookies that collect data for tracking, segmentation, analysis, etc.

To comply with the LSSI directives, we recommend deactivating the tracking modules (such as Google Analytics), social networks (Facebook “Like” button, Google “+1” button, etc.) and targeted advertising. It is necessary to know that the modules required for the proper functioning of your store (eg: shopping cart cookie, session cookie …) do not require prior consent.


Línea Gráfica will in no case be responsible for any damages that may be caused by activating options that do not comply with the RGPD. The user is responsible for the legal texts indicating the purpose of third-party cookies. Keep in mind that the user / owner of the e-commerce where the module is installed is solely responsible for the legal texts that must be entered, such as the notice and explanation of the purpose of third-party cookies. Línea Gráfica will in no case be responsible for any damages that may be caused by activating options that do not comply with the RGPD.