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If you want to get more visits to your website or e-commerce project, at Línea Gráfica, we know what you need. We have the necessary means to make your website stand out in search engines. And thus receive a higher amount of quality organic traffic every day, with the aim that later they can become new customers and subsequently improve the profitability of your website. Do you like the idea? Well, keep reading.

Agencia SEO ecommerce

SEO Audits

We analyze your website to optimize performance and improve organic search engine positioning.

Agencia SEO para ecommerce

Technical SEO

Robots, sitemap, indexing …? Don’t worry about the technical stuff, we have it covered by us.

Agencia SEO de ecommerce

SEO on page

We scan your page at a structural level and tell you your weaknesses and strengths.

SEO comercio electrónico

SEO off page

We work on all SEO aspects that happen off the page to improve search engine visibility.

SEO tienda online


Links influence the SEO Authority of your project. You will know what you have and how to get new ones.

SEO internacional ecommerce

International SEO

We rank your site in international markets so that you meet your expansion objectives.

Contenidos SEO ecommerce

SEO Content

We write the optimal content necessary to improve the ranking of your keywords in the main search engines.

SEO Local

Local SEO

We improve the local performance of your ecommerce so that you surpass your closest competitors.

auditoria SEO para ecommerce

SEO Audit

We analyze your website in-depth to identify both the strengths of your page and the elements that need improvement and those with potential for growth and return on investment. In this way, we can propose an SEO strategy from scratch.

PrestaShop Expert

We are the certified PrestaShop agency with the highest rank. All our developers are certified on this platform, which guarantees the success of your project. Trust a 100% qualified agency.

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pic elegirnos - SEO services

Why choose us?

  • More than 15 years of experience in the world of e-commerce.
  • Specialised in national and international projects.
  • First Prestashop Platinum Partner agency in Spain.
  • 360º ecommerce services: Hosting, consulting, development, marketing and billing software.
  • Highly qualified and certified multidisciplinary team.

Certified company

sello partner google premier 1 - SEO services

Our marketing team has the highest distinction in campaign management and optimisation for Google Ads.

sello partner meta 1 - SEO services

We help you create, manage and optimise your social media campaigns.

sello partner connectif elite 1 - SEO services

Offer your customers personalised shopping experiences based on their behaviour in order to increase sales.

sello partner amazon ok - SEO services

As Amazon Ads partners we create and manage your campaigns. In addition, we help you integrate your online store with Amazon.

sello partner shopify plus 1 - SEO services

We are one of a few agencies certified in Shopify’s Plus Partner programme in Spain. Offering the maximun guarantees on the leading ecommerce platform.

sello partner bigcommerce - SEO services

At Línea Gráfica we are one of the few companies in Spain certified in the BigCommerce solution.

sello prestashop expert 1 - SEO services

We are the leading agency in Spain with this certification. The highest existing level in PrestaShop web agency certifications.

sello partner trustedshops 1 - SEO services

The most secure rating system for customers and ecommerce in the market, a sure bet!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only do SEO for Prestashop?

No. As an SEO ecommerce agency, at Línea Gráfica we are specialists in ecommerce. While it is true that we are a platinum Partner Agency of Prestashop, at Línea Gráfica we do SEO for any online shop. Whether you need SEO for Shopify, Magento, Woocomerce or a customised project… We have enough experience to help you grow in the online environment.

What is SEO?

SEO positioning is one of the fundamental pillars of any Digital Marketing strategy, as it is the instrument we use to reach our target audience. A website or online shop that has not had a well thought out, structured and professional SEO positioning strategy will find it very difficult to make itself known to users. To use a simile, it is like shooting a film, but not having someone to distribute it. Through SEO actions, we seek to position the different urls of a website for certain keywords in order to capture organic traffic, i.e. visits.

Why is SEO essential to position my website?

According to different studies of the sector, we know that in more than 90% of searches, users do not go beyond the first page and it is among the first 5 positions where around 70% of clicks are concentrated. In other words, if your website is in position 11 for a given search string with 1,000 monthly queries, it will be seen by only 40 people, not all of whom will click on it. However, without the work of a professional seo consultant you will most likely not even appear in the first pages for those interesting search strings that users would use to find a business like yours.

Do you do the same work as an SEO consultant?

Considering that an SEO consultant is the professional webmaster who will be in charge of achieving the objectives previously set. In addition, he/she will carry out the necessary technical actions and studies to improve the organic visibility of your site and increase the conversion rate. At Línea Gráfica you will have a real multidisciplinary team specialised in SEO and other marketing techniques that will offer you a much broader vision of your online project.

Why do SEO with Línea Gráfica?

SEO should not be an isolated strategy on your website that can work on its own. It is necessary to include it within a strategy of Digital Marketing where elements such as usability analysis, content improvement, internal development, SEM Campaigns or SMO are employed. With all these elements we carry out a complete SEO audit of your website, paying special attention to those elements that need to be improved and identifying the search strings and market niches that will give you the best return on your investment. After this, we start the work where we review the strategy constantly and prepare monitoring reports so that you know the status of your project at all times. At Línea Gráfica, we are aware that fluid and constant communication with the client is a fundamental element for any effective Digital Marketing strategy.

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