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If you want to get more visits to your website or e-commerce project, at Línea Gráfica, we know what you need. We have the necessary means to make your website stand out in search engines. And thus receive a higher amount of quality organic traffic every day, with the aim that later they can become new customers and subsequently improve the profitability of your website. Do you like the idea? Well, keep reading.


SEO Audits

We analyze your website to optimize performance and improve organic search engine positioning.


Technical SEO

Robots, sitemap, indexing ...? Don't worry about the technical stuff, we have it covered by us.


SEO on page

We scan your page at a structural level and tell you your weaknesses and strengths.


SEO off page

We work on all SEO aspects that happen off the page to improve search engine visibility.



Links influence the SEO Authority of your project. You will know what you have and how to get new ones.


International SEO

We rank your site in international markets so that you meet your expansion objectives.


SEO content

We write the optimal content necessary to improve the ranking of your keywords in the main search engines.


Local SEO

We improve the local performance of your ecommerce so that you surpass your closest competitors.

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SEO Audit

We analyze your website in-depth to identify both the strengths of your page and the elements that need improvement and those with potential for growth and return on investment. In this way, we can propose an SEO strategy from scratch.

Platinum Partner Prestashop

We are the certified Prestashop agency with the highest rank. All our developers are certified on this platform, which guarantees the success of your project. Trust a 100% qualified agency.

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Platinum Partner Prestashop

We are the certified Prestashop agency with the highest rank. All our developers are certified on this platform, which guarantees the success of your project. Trust a 100% qualified agency.

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Prestashop Partner Platinum

We are the first agency in Spain to get the highest existing level of Prestashop web agency certifications.

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AliExpress Partner

We are the developers of the Official Aliexpress module that allows you to integrate Prestashop shops in this great marketplace.

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PayPal Partner

If you need to integrate paypal in a 100% customised way, we are your company.

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Connectif Partner

Offer your customers personalised shopping experiences based on their behaviour in order to increase sales.

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Doofinder Partner

We help you to integrate the smartest search engine on your site. Take advantage of this functionality and improve your conversions.

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Google Partner

Our marketing team is made up of trusted experts who can help you with your business.

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OVH Cloud Partner

We have been working with Europe's leading hosting infrastructure company for 10 years.

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Trusted Shops Partner

Use the Trusted Shop certification and benefit from the extra confidence that the badge brings to your customers.


No. At Línea Gráfica, we are specialists in eCommerce. Although we are indeed a Platinum Prestashop Partner Agency, AT Línea Gráfica, we do SEO for any online store. It doesn’t matter if you need SEO for Shopify, Magento, Woocomerce, or a custom project … we have enough experience to advise you and help you grow in the online environment.

SEO Web ranking is one of the fundamental pillars of any Online Marketing strategy since it is the instrument that we use to reach our target audience. A website or online store that has not enjoyed a well-thought-out, structured, and professional SEO ranking strategy will have a very difficult time making itself known to users. To establish a simile is like shooting a movie but not having who will distribute it to you. Through SEO actions, we seek to rank the different URLs of a website by certain keywords to attract organic traffic, that is, visits.

According to different studies in the sector, we know that in more than 90% of searches, users do not go beyond the first page, and it is among the top 5 positions that around 70% of clicks are concentrated. That is, if your website is in position 11 for a certain search chain with 1,000 monthly queries, only 40 people will see it, and not all of them will click. However, without the work of a professional SEO consultant, you will most likely not even appear on the first pages for those interesting search chains that users would use to find a business like yours.

If we take into account that an SEO consultant is the professional webmaster person who will be in charge of achieving the previously set objectives. In addition, it will carry out the technical actions and studies necessary to improve the organic visibility of your site and increase the conversion rate. At Línea Gráfica, you will have an authentic multidisciplinary team specialized in SEO and other marketing techniques that will offer you a much broader vision of your online project.

SEO ranking should not be an isolated strategy on your website that can work independently. It is necessary to include it within an Online Marketing strategy with elements, such as usability analysis, content improvements, internal development, SEM campaigns, SMO, etc. With all these elements, we carry out a complete SEO audit of your website, paying special attention to those elements that must be improved and identifying the search chains and market niches that will bring you a greater return on investment. After this, we begin the work where we constantly review the strategy and prepare follow-up reports so that you know, at all times, the status of your project. At Línea Gráfica, we are aware that fluid and constant communication with the client is a fundamental element for any effective Online Marketing strategy.

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B2B platform developed for the famous company JUST EAT in Prestashop 1.7 technology. Through this platform, the more than 6000 restaurants that are members of JUST EAT can buy, reserve, or rent the brand's products.

services performed:
  • 100% custom design
  • Custom development in Prestashop 1.7 technology
  • Integration with Just Eat's own ERP
  • Integration with Logistics and Transportation

Development of B2C online store for Quokka, Premium bottle brand. Its custom design and a new brand concept stand out.

services performed:
  • Prestashop 1.6 Project Development
  • 100% custom design
  • Link with ERP
  • Link with their own logistics

Iturri, a leading company in the manufacture of garments, equipment and vehicles for Industrial Safety and Protection, Emergencies, Defense and Health. They trusted us to open their new online sales channel.

services performed:
  • Ecommerce consulting
  • 100% custom design
  • Custom development in Prestashop 1.7 technology
  • Digital marketing
  • Professional web hosting

The prestigious chain of fashion stores JVZ, entrusted us with the development of its new online store with a 100% personalized design and integrated with its ERP software.

services performed:
  • 100% custom design
  • Custom development in Prestashop technology
  • Web hosting - Dedicated server
  • Integration with ERP and Online Marketing

Platform developed for Yamaha Motor Spain in Prestashop technology. Through this platform, Yamaha dealers in Spain can purchase, reserve or rent the brand's advertising and promotional material to be displayed in their stores and at their events.

Yamaha Motor
services performed:
  • Prestashop ecommerce project
  • 100% custom design
  • Link with ERP
  • Link with transport

Design and development of a B2B ecommerce platform for Condalab, the first Spanish manufacturer of dehydrated culture media for microbiology and molecular biology and one of the leaders at an international level. Project that unifies online store and corporate website.

services performed:
  • 100% custom design
  • Custom development in Prestashop 1.7 technology
  • B2B project
  • Integration with client ERP