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SEO Audit for Ecommerce

auditoria SEO para ecommerce

What is an SEO audit?

At Línea Gráfica, we propose your SEO strategy from scratch, but for this, it is essential to carry out a prior SEO Audit, that is, a comprehensive study of your website at a technical level (geolocation, loading speed, server neighbors …), as well as at contents and structure. Thanks to the study of the SEO Onpage and Offpage of your website, we will be able to identify both the strengths of your page and the elements that need improvement and those with potential for growth and return on investment.

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How do we do an audit?

Currently, the vast majority of web pages do not have optimal optimization that allows them to make the most of their ability to attract qualified traffic. To avoid this and enhance the capabilities of your website, it is best to put yourself in the hands of professionals who carry out an SEO audit with guarantees in the initial stages of the project. From Línea Gráfica, we differentiate in our audits.


Web Architecture

Web architecture is how the information on your site is structured and organized at all levels. From a higher level of how the different sections, pages, categories should be placed, etc., to a lower level of how the information should be tagged and structured screen by screen to facilitate search engines crawling. In addition, we will analyze the internal links of your site, facilitating the user experience and improving the ranking of your site.


Web Accessibility

Different elements influence web accessibility that must be properly optimized to guarantee a good web positioning that generates the desired organic traffic. Thus, from Línea Gráfica, we will study the most common elements such as the robots.txt or sitemap.xml files or the loading speed and the server ping where the site is hosted. With this, we can identify those technical elements that can put correct indexing at risk, such as JavaScript elements, resource compression, the weight of multimedia elements, browser cache.


Technical Audit

It is essential to carry out an adequate technical SEO audit to guarantee the correct indexing of your site. That should be part of any Online Marketing strategy. Through this study, we link the CRO strategies by assessing usability and user experience as basic elements for improving your website conversions.


Content Audit

After the technical audit, we must analyze the contents of your website. Once the structure that these should have has been previously identified, we have to consider if the titles, meta titles, and tagging are the most appropriate to reach the target to which your website or online store is oriented. In addition, the texts should be looked at from the inside. That is, the wording must be reviewed to facilitate the work of the search engines without disdaining the user (real recipient of the content).

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