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We have everything you need to sell online

We are specialists in the development of e-commerce projects for large businesses, franchises, chain stores, distributors, wholesalers, and manufacturers. Ask for information

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sello eawards LG grande color - E-commerce with PrestaShop
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B2B / B2C Projects

It doesn’t matter if your business is B2C or B2B. We have extensive experience in all types of projects that require special analysis of your business and your clients. We are specialized in chain stores, franchises, wholesalers, department stores, brands, and manufacturers.


All our projects are completely custom-designed. We do not use templates. In each project, we custom build the template based on the original Prestashop, thus allowing us to carry out a 100% scalable project compatible with any new functionality that you want to add in the future.

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All our designs are made using responsive technology so that they are correctly visible on mobile devices, automatically adapting to the size of the screen on any device. In addition, our designs will allow you to develop your mobile app with us in the future, using your store as the basis for the application itself. Learn more about our apps.


We are official developers of modules in Prestashop. That allows us to develop any functionality you may need in your project, becoming an agency that can guarantee the development of all your needs. We have well-known developed modules, such as the official Aliexpress module, the official SEUR modules, and the official BANKIA financing module. Get to know our catalog of modules

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We solve with efficiency and solvency any migration or transfer of data from your current e-commerce platform, whatever its technology (Magento, Oscommerce, Opencart, Prestashop in any of its versions, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce, SAP Hybris commerce, etc.). We have one of the best and largest teams of Prestashop developers, and we have extensive experience in all types of migrations. See information about our support service


We have extensive experience in integrations with any information system or ERP. We connect your Prestashop online store with any communication system: REST API, WEBSERVICES, File exchange (XML, CSV, TXT, JSON, etc.), either unidirectional or/and bidirectional. We have extensive experience in integrations with SAP R / 3, DYNAMICS NAV, SAP BO, Sage 200C, SAGE X3, etc.

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We are a Hosting company with our own systems service infrastructure. We have a service of dedicated servers configured and optimized for PRESTASHOP, ensuring that the stores we develop for our clients are the fastest on the market. See more details and get to know these servers

Specialized Digital Marketing

We are specialists in Digital Marketing for ecommerce. We take your project to its maximum potential with our personalized Marketing strategy for each client. We are experts in Marketing Automation, SEO and SEM, as well as many other related services See more details about this service

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Request more information or a budget without obligation

Ask for information


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We will set with you the requirements of the project and its deadlines, to offer you the best solution to your needs. Once we are clear about the points to work on, we will pass you a customized budget.

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Our specialized team will study the documentation and material provided for the project. We will make a custom design guaranteeing the correct implementation of your corporate image and taking maximum care of the user experience (UX).

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Once the design is approved, the online store will be developed. It will be configured and made to measure, and the necessary implementations will be carried out to achieve a project adapted to the needs of our clients.

Some success stories

portfolio justeat - E-commerce with PrestaShop

JUST EAT B2B platform developed for the famous company JUST EAT in Prestashop 1.7 technology. Through this platform, the more than 6000 restaurants that are members of JUST EAT can buy, reserve, or rent the brand’s products. Visit store

portfolio yamaha - E-commerce with PrestaShop

YAMAHA MOTOR ESPAÑA Platform developed in Prestashop technology. Through it, Yamaha dealers in Spain can purchase, reserve, or rent the brand’s advertising and promotional material to display in their stores and at their events.

portfolio fisiomarket - E-commerce with PrestaShop

FISIOMARKET Brand restyling + Online store development + Implementation and synchronization of our Factulinker management software for Fisiomarket. Now they enjoy total centralization of information and unified management. Visit store

portfolio iturri - E-commerce with PrestaShop

ITURRI Design and development of the new Prestashop 1.7 online store for Iturri, a leading company in the manufacture of garments, equipment, and vehicles for Safety and Industrial Protection, Emergencies, Defense, and Health. They trust us to open your new online sales channel. Visit store

portfolio pc casa - E-commerce with PrestaShop

XENON Platform developed in PrestaShop 1.7 technology for Xenon, an expert education company that serves schools and students. With it, families will be able to manage the purchases of school supplies according to the student and the school. Visit store

portfolio tablet2 - E-commerce with PrestaShop

MONERRIS Design and development in PrestaShop 1.7 technology of the online store of the Alfredo Mira Monerris company, specialized in nougat and ice cream since 1893. Visit store

portfolio condalab - E-commerce with PrestaShop

CONDALAB Design and development of a B2B e-commerce platform for Condalab, the first Spanish manufacturer of dehydrated culture media for microbiology and molecular biology and one of the leaders at an international level. A project that unifies online store and corporate website. Visit store

portfolio movil2 - E-commerce with PrestaShop

QUOKKA Development of B2C online store for Quokka, Premium bottle brand. Its custom design and a new brand concept stand out. Integration with ERP and own logistics. Visit store

+10 Years of Experience

+500 fulfilled projects

+8 official certifications

Nº1 Partner PrestaShop Spain

Certified company

logo psplatinum - E-commerce with PrestaShop

Prestashop Partner Platinum

We are the first agency in Spain to get the highest existing level of Prestashop web agency certifications.

- E-commerce with PrestaShop

AliExpress Partner

We are the developers of the Official Aliexpress module that allows you to integrate Prestashop shops in this great marketplace.

logo paypalp - E-commerce with PrestaShop

PayPal Partner

If you need to integrate paypal in a 100% customised way, we are your company.

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Connectif Partner

Offer your customers personalised shopping experiences based on their behaviour in order to increase sales.

logo doofinder - E-commerce with PrestaShop

Doofinder Partner

We help you to integrate the smartest search engine on your site. Take advantage of this functionality and improve your conversions.

logo googlep - E-commerce with PrestaShop

Google Partner

Our marketing team is made up of trusted experts who can help you with your business.

sello partner ovh 1 - E-commerce with PrestaShop

OVH Cloud Partner

We have been working with Europe’s leading hosting infrastructure company for 10 years.

logo trustedshops - E-commerce with PrestaShop

Trusted Shops Partner

Use the Trusted Shop certification and take advantage of the extra confidence that the badge brings to your customers.

Your e-commerce agency of global services

ico serv hosting - E-commerce with PrestaShop

Professional Hosting

We offer quality servers from OVH, a leader in the hosting market. In this way, we have experienced and qualified technical support. Our plans are adapted 100% to the real needs of your project. More information

ico serv mk - E-commerce with PrestaShop


We have an Online Marketing department specialized 100% in electronic commerce. We review each project to make sure it is 100% SEO optimized and is properly indexed by search engines. More information

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Creation of apps

For many companies, having an App can be a matter of marketing strategy, being up-to-date, or prestige, but for e-commerce, it is currently a market need, as it will facilitate purchases for recurring customers. More information

Frequent questions

Why use Prestashop and not another platform?

Prestashop is the leading platform in EUROPE. There are more than 300,000 online stores around the world that use this platform, which makes it the most prominent tool in recent times. Prestashop, being an open-source tool, allows us to know exactly how its core works and how we can scale it in a safe and controlled way, being able to develop practically any functionality, no matter how complex. Our company is the first Platinum Partner agency in Spain and we have a team with more than 10 years of experience in developing all types of e-commerce projects under Prestashop technology. Without a doubt, choosing Prestashop for your project is the best choice.

What phases will my project have?

The project will have several phases. Among them, we will highlight two main ones: First of all, our design department will contact you to see first-hand the most characteristic features of your business to carry out the project 100% custom-made, adapting it to the level of brand, corporate image, colors, ideology, etc. If you still do not have a corporate image, at Línea Gráfica, we also offer this service. Second of all, your project will go to development, where our team of technicians will shape the approved design and configure your online store in a personalized way.

How can you monitor the progress of your project?

We have an online project management platform from which you will have real-time control of the progress of all active tasks (while generating an activity history). In this way, any member of your team can easily retrieve the thread of a task, communicate in an agile way, even share documentation, images, comments, and everything necessary to collaborate in the project development.

Is the management and interface of Prestashop simple?

One of the virtues of Prestashop is precisely its ease of management. Its interface is very intuitive. In addition, after the completion of your project, will take place an online training, which we will record on video so that you learn to manage your store and all the tools. We are official Prestashop trainers in Spain.

Can I evolve my store later?

Of course. All the projects we carry out are 100% scalable, thanks to the way we work. All the customizations made in your project are performed through the module’s development without touching the core of Prestashop. In addition, as we do not use templates, but we make a custom template for each client based on the standard, you can also be sure that your store is compatible with any module.
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