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What is local SEO?

Local SEO is an effective positioning technique for businesses looking to stand out in location-based searches. Through local SEO, businesses can increase the influx of new customers who are close to the business’s location or planning to visit a specific geographical area.

Various optimizations are carried out to position the local store or business on Google Maps, making it easier for users to find. At our SEO agency, we have a highly refined methodology for local SEO, which will help you climb the necessary positions in Google Maps to surpass your competition. We won’t stop until you reach the top!

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Why is it necessary to work on local SEO?

Data, data, and more data… Our SEO team insists on making it clear that data never lies. That’s why we present 4 metrics showing how Google search results have changed and why it’s essential for you to start working on your business’s local SEO as soon as possible:


of users search for the address on Google before visiting a business they have never been to.


of users visit the business within a 24-hour range after searching for its address.


of searches conducted on Google have a local intent.


of the results shown by Google are from local SEO, through Google Maps and businesses near the user.

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Improving the score from 3.7 to 4.4 in GMP can increase the conversion of a business by 80%

Our service as agency specialized in local SEO and proximity marketing

Good local positioning is only achieved through hard work and excellence. That’s why at Línea Gráfica, we have a team of professionals who are certified to make the most of user behavior on Google.

To help you position yourself and lead in local results, we have created a local SEO service that includes various optimizations:

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Presence in Google My Business (GMB)

You won't have to take care of anything. We updated the 23 fields of the Google My Profile tab (formerly known as Google My Business) so that your profile is 100% optimized. We include your corporate phone as Call tracking to control the leads generated, we add a catalog of your products or services, we do listing defense, we define the area of ​​influence... We will keep everything under control!

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We manage and promote positive reviews about your business. We follow the Best and worst performance technique according to the rating given by the user and use a word cloud to offer an answer. We add SEO content for 5-star reviews, respond to improve service for 3-star reviews, or email the business owner for 2-1-star ratings.



We update the content of your profile so that you achieve relevance and climb positions. We will agree with you what content to upload, such as promotional images that inform about active discounts in your business. In this way, we will get consumers to feel attracted and end up visiting your store.

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Reporting + Sales

We prepare a monthly report so that you are aware of the local growth of your business. We will offer you data such as the evolution and origin of the visits, the number of calls, the progress of the reviews... Likewise, we offer you the possibility of activating ads for local searches through the local sem.

diseño de landing page

Creation and optimization of landing pages.

If you do not have your own website, we take care of creating a landing page synchronized with your GMB profile. We include a semantic similarity to reinforce the positioning of your business and we generate content to add value to your customers. This landing page has no additional cost, neither for hosting nor for domain management, since it is included in our local SEO service.

What will you achieve with our local SEO strategy?

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We take care of putting you on the map so that potential customers can find you easily.

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We optimize your profile to build authority and reputation. You will surpass your competition, and customers will choose you!

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Thanks to the optimizations, you will attract other customer profiles. You will discover that with local SEO, anyone near you and interested in what you sell can make a purchase at your business.

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deco comillas - Local Seo Agency
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Why choose Línea Gráfica as your digital marketing team for ecommerce?


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Frequently Asked Questions about our local SEO agency

We work on local SEO through various optimizations: We create your Google My Business profile, geolocate images on your profile, upload and update attractive content for your potential customers, respond to and manage the reviews you receive, enhancing the positive ones to position you as a true local authority. In our digital marketing and local SEO agency, you will lead location-based searches in your city.

To create a listing on Google Business Profile, you need to access www.google.com/business and provide various details such as the type of business, address, phone number, name, etc. Subsequently, you must verify the business’s existence through a postal letter, phone call, or email by Google. If you want this process to be smooth and fast, at Línea Gráfica, we take care of creating your profile and carrying out the necessary verifications for your business. Leave it in the hands of professionals!