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Take the leap to the next level of your ecommerce with Marketing Automation

Automate hyper-personalized shopping experiences for your customers, and increase the sales of your online store with automated marketing.

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Get more out of your actions and improve your sales and conversion rates.

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Improve the relationship with your customers and get more out of loyalty in your business.

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Save resources and improve the efficiency of your marketing actions.

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Integrate several channels of communication with your customers on the same platform.

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Personalized shopping experience according to the behavior of your customers.

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Measure in real time the return of your marketing campaigns carried out.

Certified company

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Our marketing team has the highest distinction at the level of campaign management and optimization for Google Ads.

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We help you create, manage and optimize your social media campaigns.

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Offer your customers personalized shopping experiences based on their behavior with the aim of increasing sales.

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As Amazon Ads partners we create and manage your campaigns. In addition, we help you integrate your online store with Amazon.

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We are one of a few agencies certified in Shopify’s Plus Partner programme in Spain. Offering the maximun guarantees on the leading ecommerce platform.

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At Línea Gráfica we are one of the few companies in Spain certified in the BigCommerce solution.

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We are the leading agency in Spain with this certification. The highest existing level in PrestaShop web agency certifications.

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The most secure rating system for customers and ecommerce in the market, a sure bet!


What is marketing automation

Through a marketing automation platform, you can in the short term establish a direct relationship between the user and the product (ecommerce), and in the long term build a relationship between the user and the brand.

How marketing automation influences an ecommerce?

The number of workflows (scenarios) that are created through marketing automation have an influence on the CRO, and only using the basic workflows do they affect 20% on sales, up to an influence on sales of 80% using 14/16 workflows ( will depend on the type of product and its recurrence).

What data does the connectif tool use?

It is important to work on segmentation and your own customer base, since in the medium term this has an impact on saving money on SEO campaigns, since it allows you to improve the UX (user experience) and consequently the conversion rate, since personalization Mark the difference.

Which allows to measure connectif?

Everything. The nodes used in workflows for marketing automation, can be measured by their attribution and by their content, this allows to analyze in particular, and also in general, the attribution of each action and content of the workflow.

Why trust Linea Gráfica?

We are one of the leading e-commerce agencies in Spain We have been growing online projects for more than 10 years applying all kinds of marketing and growth techniques depending on the objectives pursued. In addition, we are official partners of companies such as Google, Aliexpress, PayPal, Trusted Shop, Doofinder or Connectif, among others.

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