Backup Management

We present MyBackup, our backup management service

MyBackup is a service that allows you to create, manage and recover your backups of your Dedicated, VPS or Cloud server completely tailored to your needs.

We provide space in duplicate, so you can store your copies simultaneously in different countries,  if you prefer. This way your data can be protected against unexpected events such as fire, floods, etc.

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All the control from your Hosting panel

Our service includes the installation and licensing of JetBackup in your hosting panel.

JetBackup allows you to:

  • Create backups of different types:
    • Incrementals: only new and changed data from the previous backup are saved.
    • Archived: copies are generated in an uncompressed archive (.tar file format). These copies will take up more space.
    • Copy in compressed file: (.tar.gz file format). using less space.
  • Choose from the following copying frequencies:
    • Hourly– The backup will be made every X hours.
    • Diary– The backup will be made on the days of the week of your choice.
    • Weekly– The backup will be made once a week, on a day of your choice.
    • Monthly– The backup will be made on the days of the month you choose from the 1st, 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th day of the month you choose to run the backup task.

Store in 2 different countries at the same time

Our Backup service includes the space you hire in duplicate, the same space in two different countries. 

This will allow you to schedule a backup and store that copy at the same time in 2 different destinations, in this way, your data can be protected against unexpected events, such as fire, flooding, etc.

Furthermore, your data will be stored within the European Union.

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Full and partial recovery of your backups

With our service, you will be able to recover all or part of your information. Do you need to recover only one file or folder? With our service you can do this without having to download a full compressed copy.

The types of Backups available are:

  • Full Backups
  • File Backups
  • Database Backups
  • Emails Backups
  • Cron Job Backups
  • DNS Zones Backups

This not only allows you to have greater agility in the recovery of your copies, but also allows you to recover your information in record time.

Turnkey service. Installed and configured

From the moment you sign up, our technical team will install the jetBackup software in your Hosting panel and configure it with the following frequency: 1 full daily backup of your entire server (VPS, Dedicated Server or Cloud, as the case may be) and each daily backup will be stored for 1 full week.

We will also provide you with a quick guide so that you can set up your own completely customised backups.

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How much does the MyBackup service cost?


Fee 29,95€/month (+ registration 15€)

*Prices do not include VAT


Fee 59,95€/month (+ registration 15€)

*Prices do not include VAT


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