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Mobile App, a powerful sales tool

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Boosting the Buyer Journey

Apps are able to take the user by the hand during the purchasing process. Because it is easy and intuitive, shoppers can take action in a matter of seconds. And when combined with marketing automation, the magic of immediacy is assured.

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Generate bonds with users

Once installed, apps become part of the phone and of users' daily lives. And what do they achieve by doing so? To be present to shoppers every day and thus increase their retention and loyalty.

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Improve brand value

A business with an application generates the feeling of modernity, technology and adaptation to new sales trends. And isn't that how you want your users to perceive you?


Our service consists of creating an app combining a layer of native development that will link to direct areas of your website or shop, so that the user will end up browsing your online shop in an encapsulated way. Therefore your app will have all the capacity and functionality that your website has.

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Design of the menu and submenus of the App. Customisation of banners, texts and colours with the corporate image of your ecommerce.

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The cost of maintenance of modifications to the App is non-existent as you can modify it yourself.

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Any changes made in the eCommerce are synchronised in real time in the user’s App.

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Immediate updates and no need to redownload the app.

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We adapt to all ecommerce on the market with multiple integration solutions for platforms such as Prestashop, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, Vtex, etc. Or custom developments.

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Pricing and Publication

The cost of having your App on both platforms is so economic that you will be surprised.

How we do it

1. We encapsulate your online shop inside the app

Maintaining the full content of the client’s shop in its mobile or responsive view.

In addition to encapsulating the online shop we can combine and add native layer elements such as:

  • A Native Home, which can be composed with native elements, such as:
    • A full page presentation with slides
    • A cover composed of:
      1. Top Menu
      2. Body (where the encapsulated web/shop will be displayed, or we can add banners inside the native layer)
      3. Bottom Menu, with the most important shortcuts button panel

2. We take care of the initial configuration and start-up:

  • Design of the menu and submenus of the App (native layer) with the corporate image of your online shop.
  • Customisation of banners and colours of the App (native layer) with the corporate image of your online shop.

3. We publish the App in the Google Play and Apple Store Marketplace


We create it, you manage it easily

Once we publish the app, you will have access to the platform where we have created it, where you will be able to you can modify it, add content to its native layer and manage push notifications.

1. Send Push Notifications

Sending Push Notifications is the most up-to-date communication tool on the market, as the user receives unlimited notifications on their mobile device about: offers, promotions, news, novelties and any message they wish to send.

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Schedules and manages the sending of push notifications by date and time.

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Integrate your ecommerce with our API to manage your push notifications.

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Delimit the desired area by map and send notifications.

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Create customised forms to segment and reach your desired audience.

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Use your ecommerce database to segment notifications.

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Analyse your mailings to improve the reach of your notifications based on the results.

2. Modify the Native Layer of the APP

The modifications will be made in the manager in a very easy way and without the need to know programming. The changes in the App are updated in real time, therefore, your user will not have to download the App again, but the content will appear automatically on their mobile device once they enter. You can customise banners, texts, colours, native layer menus and even create new content.

If you want a different user experience to the Home of your ecommerce, the system allows you to design very attractive banners that give access to the categories, subcategories or sections of your ecommerce. There is the possibility of integrating a carousel of products on promotion or offer in the Home of the App.

3. Translate your APP Native Layer into other languages

To add languages to the App, you only need to select the language you want to add to the manager. The translation can be done using instant translation or by hiring the service of professionals (external to Línea Gráfica).

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4. Check the statistics of your APP

From the platform itself you will be able to consult:

  • Number of visits
    • Page segmentation
  • Push notifications sent
    Number of installations
  • No. of devices with:
    • Notifications activated
    • Notifications deactivated
    • Uninstallations
  • App download geolocation map

In addition, you will be able to integrate Google Analytics:

  • Visitor tracking
  • Sales
  • and conversions from the App

Trusted technology, find out more now!

The platform is suitable for any type of ecommerce, regardless of size, sector or number of employees.

Those who already have it highly value the quality and technology incorporated into the platform, allowing them to have control over any changes to be made to the app, without any type of external dependence or programming. In addition, new functionalities are periodically incorporated, which are immediately accessible at no extra cost.


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Don't you know our app yet?

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Why have an app for my online shop?

Mobile app conversions are far outpacing traditional ecommerces conversions. Having your own app is almost a must if you want to beat your competition and build a lasting relationship with your customers. Through a mobile app, you can have direct communication with users, segment them by geographical areas to launch personalised notifications or extract purchase statistics to optimise your business strategy. In this way, you will be able to increase the recurrence of your customers' purchases.

What can I do with an ecommerce app?

Get more sales, improve your business image and be constantly present for your customers by being on their own mobile. These are just a few of the advantages of an app for an ecommerce business. But there's more, with a mobile app you can also include our api to perform marketing automation, actions such as push notifications. With these notifications, your customers can access your offers and promotions in just one click. In addition, you can also implement other marketing digital strategies and create customised forms to easily segment and reach your target audience.

Does your app sync with your online shop?

At Línea Gráfica we develop apps with efficient configurations for our clients. Thanks to the Reskyt platform, the tool we use to create your app, your app will synchronise with the mobile version of your ecommerce in real time. In this way, users will browse your app on an encrypted version of your website. Do you want to know the advantages of this? Your app will have the same capabilities and functionalities as your online shop. In addition, any changes made to your ecommerce will be changed instantly in your app. In fact, you can make the changes yourself in your online shop without the need to use code and without relying on a development team. This saves you time and makes it more convenient as the synchronisation with your app will be instantaneous.

How do we make an ecommerce app?

At Línea Gráfica we create our clients' apps using Reskyt, the most optimal platform for the development of mobile applications. Using this platform, your app will be similar to the mobile version of your online shop. But if you want the design of your app to be different from your ecommerce, our team of developers can design the homepage in a customised way to achieve a different user experience. We can configure in detail the elements that make it up, such as banners, texts, menu or corporate colours. Or include features such as carousels to highlight products on offer or promotion, add the menu in different languages so you can sell internationally or integrate the shopping cart.

How can your customers download your business app?

Very easy! As soon as we have your business app ready, we will upload it to the main marketplaces, such as Google Play, Apple Store or Windows Phone. Once it is hosted on one of these platforms, your customers will be able to search for your app and download it in a matter of seconds.