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Programmatic advertising is one of the most groundbreaking advances in the world of digital marketing in recent years. At Línea Gráfica we have not wanted to be left behind and we have incorporated this service into the mix of marketing services that we offer as an agency specialising in online advertising for e-commerce.

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Why use programmatic buying?

Process automation is a revolution that, in the world of marketing, has not only allowed us to be more efficient but also to make our actions more precise. The precision of campaigns allows them to have higher returns and, therefore, more satisfied customers. 

In addition, programmatic buying has democratised the inventory that advertisers have access to, as it allows real-time access to global inventory, tailored to the advertiser’s needs. This simplifies the media planning of advertising campaigns and facilitates the work of agency and client marketing.



Programmatic advertising is based on big data and it is this ability to manage large volumes of information that allows programmatic advertising campaigns to reach the specific target, gaining in qualification of the traffic generated by the campaigns. It should be noted that not only can you segment your campaigns by geographic or demographic criteria, but you can also segment by type of content, sites, categories of sites, operating systems, etc.


Appropriate impressions

One of the problems with display advertising has always been overexposure. Avoid burning out your audiences by over hitting and save on costs by displaying ads as many times as it takes to have an effect.



Programmatic buying, being automatic, gives us a precision in buying and real-time adjustments that manual online media buying does not give us. Optimise your campaigns in a more precise way and obtain a much higher return.



This is perhaps the advantage that you will like the most, and that is that programmatic advertising is much more profitable than traditional display advertising. Precisely because of all of the above. Every Euro invested goes to your chosen audience and every impression shown counts towards the success of your campaigns.


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Prestashop Partner Platinum

We are the first agency in Spain to get the highest existing level of Prestashop web agency certifications.

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AliExpress Partner

We are the developers of the Official Aliexpress module that allows you to integrate Prestashop shops in this great marketplace.

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PayPal Partner

If you need to integrate paypal in a 100% customised way, we are your company.

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Connectif Partner

Offer your customers personalised shopping experiences based on their behaviour in order to increase sales.

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Doofinder Partner

We help you to integrate the smartest search engine on your site. Take advantage of this functionality and improve your conversions.

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Google Partner

Our marketing team is made up of trusted experts who can help you with your business.

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OVH Cloud Partner

We have been working with Europe's leading hosting infrastructure company for 10 years.

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Trusted Shops Partner

Use the Trusted Shop certification and benefit from the extra confidence that the badge brings to your customers.


It is a type of display advertising that gives advertisers access to advertising media through auction buying platforms (based on Big Data and Machine Learning). The technology allows brands to connect with their target audience in a very precise and flexible way. In this way we achieve much more profitable display campaigns than traditional ones.

Programmatic advertising offers a number of advantages over other traditional buying models. These can be summarised as: targeting capabilities, flexibility in buying online space and real-time changes, campaign accuracy and high-value results.

Or what is the same as Real Time Bidding. This concept refers to the buying and selling of digital advertising through a bidding system. This purchase is made per impression and is carried out in real time. It is the system on which programmatic advertising media buying is based.

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