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SEO Consultant for Ecommerce

Organic traffic is one of the greatest opportunities to generate visits to our website. SEO is a complicated, constant job that can take a while to show results. However, if we work well, we can attract more qualified visitors and increase leads and sales.

To appear in the first positions of the search results, it is necessary to work day by day, be aware of the latest techniques, be constantly up to date on the news of the Google algorithm and carry out a good strategy. And, the first step of this is to carry out an SEO consultancy.

seo consultant for ecommerce

What is an SEO consultancy?

An SEO consultancy is a service that Línea Gráfica offers to those clients who need to change their SEO strategy or simply need to increase their web visits.

This service aims to be the starting point of a strategy. In an SEO consultancy, aspects such as the steps to follow for correct page optimization are detailed. That is achieved through an in-depth analysis of both the external environment and the site itself.

When is an SEO consultancy necessary?

An SEO consultancy is necessary for several factors that go beyond a reorientation of the SEO strategy or a specific loss of traffic volume.

auditoria SEO para ecommerce
consultoria SEO

How are the consultancies of Línea Gráfica?

At Línea Gráfica, we believe that for an SEO consultancy to be effective, it must be done through an exhaustive analysis of the following points:

  • Web traffic and current positioning status
  • Competence
  • Tracking
  • Indexing
  • Content hierarchy
  • Analysis and optimization of the web architecture
  • Structure and Interlinks
  • SEO On and Off Page
  • Linkbuilding
  • Core Web Vitals

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An SEO consultant is a marketing professional whose mission is to improve the traffic of a web page. To do this, it uses multidisciplinary techniques to climb the positions of search engines such as Google.

Currently, an SEO consultant belongs to a very complex and multidisciplinary area of marketing. Its main functions and knowledge are:

  • Thorough knowledge of how search engines work
  • Global vision of the different areas of SEO
  • Notions of programming
  • Strategy-oriented content creation
  • Be in constant recycling and attentive to news
  • Keyword research
  • Analysis capabilities for reports
  • Linkbuilding