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High expertise in SEM. Google already knows it, and recognizes us as a Google Premier Partner Agency in 2023.

We boost the conversion rate of your ecommerce thanks to our Search Engine Marketing campaigns.


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More Revenue. More Clients. Hire the best SEM Agency for online stores.

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Our SEM services

A before and after. That’s how you’ll see your business after hiring our SEM services. We attract qualified traffic to your ecommerce and increase your number of clients and sales through efficient SEM campaigns.

Get profitable campaigns with powerful value thanks to our performance marketing team with +15 years of experience.

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At Línea Gráfica, we have a clear goal: to turn every Google search into a growth opportunity for you.

As Google Ads experts, we create well-researched and targeted Google Ads campaigns to position you in the top search results, giving you more visibility, attracting more customers, and increasing your sales.

We are Google Premier Partners 2023, a badge achieved by only 3% of companies, certifying our extensive knowledge of the platform.

Google Shopping

Can you imagine your products occupying the top results on Google? It’s possible thanks to our Google Shopping service!

Our team of experts in Google Shopping creates and optimizes ads for your products strategically, capturing the attention of shoppers and persuasively guiding them towards conversion.

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Bing Ads

We leave no stone unturned. We also offer campaigns on Bing Ads to ensure complete and efficient coverage.

We attract more customers to your ecommerce and ensure that your business is present in all relevant searches.

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We get you more clients thanks to our SEM campaigns

With our personalized and strategic approach, we meticulously study your business model, your competition, and your growth objectives to develop your SEM campaigns.

We analyze the most profitable keywords and design persuasive ads that encourage action, guiding your potential customers along the path to conversion.

Our goal is to help you achieve more revenue and successfully reach your growth plans.

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Diseñamos campañas ajustadas a tu objetivo

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Atraemos tráfico cualificado a tu ecommerce

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Incrementamos número de clientes e ingresos

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Analizamos las campañas para escalar los resultados

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We design campaigns tailored to your objective

We attract qualified traffic to your ecommerce

We increase the number of clients and revenue

We analyze the campaigns to scale the results

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One ​​of the best SEM Agencies Recognized by Google!

Google knows it. We are one of the top SEM Agencies, as only 3% of companies have achieved the badge in 2023.

And how did we achieve it? Thanks to our expertise in SEM and the performance of our campaigns. Google grants this badge only to companies that have achieved truly outstanding results throughout a calendar year, and we have done it!

Why choose a Google Partner Premier Agency? Because this certification ensures constant technical assistance and access to resources from Google, helping our clients exceed their goals.

Moreover, we have exclusive access to innovative information from Google, ensuring that we stay at the forefront of the industry. If we are thrilled about all this, just imagine how happy our clients are!

Start working with a team of experts certified by Google themselves in SEM.

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An SEM agency that cares about your business as you would

We offer you our over 15 years of experience in the ecommerce and SEM industry to…

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Create Google Ads strategies tailored to your needs

Position your business in the top results of Google

Optimize your campaigns based on advanced data analysis

Reach your target audience through precise keyword selection

Stay at the forefront by applying the latest market trends

Ensure complete transparency in managing your budget

Maintain a fluid and constant communication about the performance of your campaigns

Work tirelessly to achieve the growth and success of your ecommerce

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about SEM


Why do I need an SEM agency?


Do you want to grow and expand the potential of your business? Then you need an SEM agency. But not just any agency. You need THE AGENCY, one that cares about your business as much as you do, one with high knowledge and experience, tailored exactly to what you need. At Línea Gráfica, we are that agency, the one that meticulously studies your ecommerce needs and provides campaigns to multiply your customer base. Remember that we are Google Partner Premier 2023, ensuring the high level of quality of our work as an SEM and PPC Agency.


What tools do you use as an SEM Agency?

At Línea Gráfica, we don't settle. We are demanding with our work and the tools we use. Therefore, we only use those that offer the best guarantees and results for our clients. Some examples include Google Ads, Google Analytics, Semrush, Ahrefs, or Google's Keyword Planner, among others.

When should I hire an SEM agency?

There are many situations in which your project may need an SEM agency. The most common ones are when a project is new and needs visibility, when the project is not growing as expected, or when you want to outsource PPC services for your ecommerce and need to hire a PPC Agency due to a lack of expertise or time. However, we recommend, and this advice is free, that even if your project is performing "very well," consider hiring an SEM agency, as professionalizing the service can lead to even better results. Especially if you choose a Partner Premier 2023 agency like us!