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At Línea Gráfica, we are a professional SEM agency Certified by Google that works with the objective of maximizing the results of your pay-per-click campaigns.Capture qualified traffic for your online business and maximize sales capabilities. Get profitable campaigns with powerful value.
Auditoria de marketing digital ecommerce

Google Ads

We know it, and you do too. Google Ads is a very powerful tool for achieving traffic and sales for your eCommerce, but its poor management can make your campaigns not generate the expected return. Regardless of the types of ads, we plan and execute the strategy that best suits the needs of your project. In addition, our extensive experience in electronic commerce has developed a methodology applied to eCommerce that allows us to maximize sales and capture leads.

Auditoria marketing digital para ecommerce

Social Ads

We add platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, or Tik Tok to the mix of actions of your online advertising strategy to expand the coverage of your campaigns and thus reach your desired audience. Our work process is focused on getting more qualified traffic with a better return. In this way, your project can scale while being sustainable. Advertising on social networks will not only help you improve sales directly but will also increase the social reputation of your project which helps its organic growth.

Auditoria de marketing digital para ecommerce

Programmatic Advertising

We automate processes to achieve more precise marketing actions and with greater returns for our clients. In addition, we simplify and give global access to advertising media based on the advertiser's needs. Among the great advantages of programmatic advertising, we find the capacity for segmentation, flexibility in the purchase of online spaces, and changes in real-time, precision in campaigns, and high-value results.

Platinum Partner Prestashop

We are the highest ranked Prestashop certified agency. All our developers are certified on this platform, which guarantees the success of your project. Rely on a 100% qualified agency.
pic mano - SEM campaign management
ayuda ventas - SEM campaign management

SEM: Search Engine Marketing

El SEM or Search Engine Marketing is one of the cornerstones of any self-respecting digital advertising strategy. Traditionally, talking about SEM is talking about Google ADS, but not only does man live on Google, and for that reason, we also take into account other search engines such as Bing or Yandex.
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  • SEM campaigns to attract leads
  • SEM branding or brand campaigns

What can we achieve with SEM?

SEM campaigns will help your online project get the boost it needs. Not only at the sales level, but SEM campaigns can multiply the exposure of your brand and project or increase the database of your potential customers. The possibilities will depend on your business objectives and, for each of them, we can choose the type of campaign you need.
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sello partner google premier - SEM campaign management

Our marketing team has the highest distinction in campaign management and optimisation for Google Ads.

sello partner meta 2 - SEM campaign management

We help you create, manage and optimise your social media campaigns.

sello partner connectif silver - SEM campaign management

Offer your customers personalised shopping experiences based on their behaviour in order to increase sales.

sello partner amazon ok - SEM campaign management

As an Amazon Ads partner we create and manage your campaigns. In addition, we help you to integrate your online shop with Amazon.

sello partner ps platinum ok - SEM campaign management

We are the leading agency in Spain with this certification. The highest existing level in Prestashop web agency certifications.

sello partner shopify plus - SEM campaign management

We are one of a few agencies certified in Shopify's Plus Partner programme in Spain. Offering the maximun guarantees on the leading ecommerce platform.

sello partner bigcommerce - SEM campaign management

At Línea Gráfica we are one of the few companies in Spain certified in the BigCommerce solution.

sello partner trustedshops - SEM campaign management

The most secure rating system for customers and ecommerce in the market, a sure bet!

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Why do I need a SEM agency?

By being partners of the main digital advertising platforms (Google, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.), we have direct access to their support, which allows us to have more direct control of campaigns, minimizing incidents and maximizing results. In addition, having a professional agency will allow your project to be at the forefront of the latest developments.

What tools do you use as a SEM / PPC agency?

Each agency will have its own, but we at Línea Gráfica awork with the main tools on the market to get the most out of PPC campaigns. Therefore, it is common to see our team working with Semrush, Ahrefs, or Google Keyword Planner, among others.

When to hire an SEM agency?

There are many situations in which your project may need an SEM agency. The most common ones are when a project is launched, when the project goes through a stage of low performance or, when you want to outsource the PPC services of your eCommerce or online project. However, we recommend, and this advice is free, that even if your project works “very well”, consider the option of hiring an SEM agency since the professionalization of the service can give an even higher performance.