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B2B Marketing Agency: Driving ecommerces to success

Specialists in transforming B2B ecommerces with effective and customized digital strategies.

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Take your ecommerce to the next level!

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    Services to adapt to the demands of the digital ecosystem

    Consulting for
    B2B Ecommerces

    Receive expert and personalized
    and personalized advice.

    Our consulting service assesses your current situation, identifies growth opportunities and develops customized strategies for your B2B business.

    SEO for
    B2B companies

    Dominate search engines and improve your online visibility.

    Our B2B specific SEO strategies will help you attract quality customers and increase your leads.

    PPC for
    B2B companies

    Get the most out of every advertising investment.

    With our PPC service, designed especially for B2B markets, you will increase conversions and capture the attention of your target audience.

    for B2B companies

    Expand your reach in the digital marketplace.

    We help you integrate and optimize your presence in the main marketplaces, improving your visibility and sales in these platforms.

    Email Marketing
    for B2B companies

    Establish effective and personal communication with your customers.

    Our B2B email marketing service focuses on building lasting and profitable relationships.

    CRO for
    B2B companies

    Trust us to turn your Shopify presence into a B2B growth engine.

    We optimize your site to improve user experience, drive conversions and strengthen business relationships.

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    Some of our services for B2B companies

    But to find out which one you need, how about we start by talking?

    Unleash the potential of
    your B2B Ecommerce with Shopify Plus

    Discover the Shopify Plus advantage from Línea Gráfica.

    A comprehensive ecommerce and point of sale platform, perfectly suited for both B2B and B2C businesses.

    With Shopify Plus, you not only start your digital commerce journey, but also scale and optimize it with ease. We guide you every step of the way to maximize the performance and growth of your business.

    Join us and transform your ecommerce with the global solution offered by Shopify Plus

    Our methodology:
    The road to success in B2B digital marketing

    At our agency, we believe that a methodical and personalized approach is key to success in digital marketing for B2B ecommerces. Here we present our work methodology, designed to take your business to the next level:

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    Analysis and assessment

    Exhaustive analysis of your business, market and competition.

    We evaluate your needs and draw up a plan to reach your goals.

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    Strategy and Planning

    We develop a comprehensive strategy that will include the functional areas necessary for your project to sell.

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    Implementation and management

    We implement the planned strategies, using the best tools and technologies. We manage every aspect of digital marketing to ensure flawless and efficient execution.

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    Continuous improvement and reporting

    Detailed reports on the performance of marketing actions. Our commitment to continuous improvement with your b2b ecommerce project.

    One of our B2B success stories

    The Fisiomarket Challenge: :
    Facing a highly competitive market and a digital marketing strategy in turbulent times.

    Covid-19 led us to reevaluate and reorient our digital marketing strategy to maintain Fisiomarket’s relevance, boost the sale of home fitness products and, finally, keep the company afloat during a global crisis. We shifted our focus to reach the B2C target, leaving the B2B strategy aside during this period. Results?

    Increase in the number of users on the web
    Increased purchases, doubling the total number
    Overall revenue growth in the company
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    Would you like to have a strategy that helps you sell as in the success story?

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    Highly recommended!

    We had been changing agencies for a long time until we came across Línea Gráfica by direct recommendation.

    They are great professionals who listen and advise their clients in a professional and above all rational way.

    Pilar Martín – Ecommerce Manager of Puro Ego

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    estrellas - B2B Marketing Agency

    They have a very professional, close and proactive team.

    They are there whenever you need them. They also offer a wide range of services to help you with your e-commerce.

    Francisco Ochoa – Seena Owell CEO

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    estrellas - B2B Marketing Agency

    Super professional and proactive marketing team. Something that is hard to find.

    Many times we have so many things that we don’t know where to go, the Línea Grafica team is able to guide us and solve our needs with autonomy.
    Said and done.

    Said Jimenez – Business Development Manager of Dietisur

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    Take the first step towards the success of your B2B Ecommerce

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    Ready to take your B2B business to the next level?
    Contact us today and start charting your path to success in the digital world.