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Social Media Marketing has become a fundamental part of any company’s digital marketing strategy. Social networks have become an indispensable part of everyday life for millions of people and are changing our society. The way companies relate to their customers is no longer the same. Communication is now two-way, there is a feedback from users that did not exist before. At Línea Gráfica we believe that Social Media should be considered within the marketing and communication plan of your project and give it the importance it deserves.


Social Media Audit

We analyse your different social channels in order to optimise their performance.


Active listening

We serve your community in social networks, with the purpose of understanding and knowing their needs.



Interact, converse with the audience, maintain an active relationship with users, facilitating feedback between brand and user.


Content strategy

We develop and execute a content strategy that puts the community at the centre. The objective is to create relevant content that connects with potential customers and to build loyalty among existing customers.


Constant analysis

We regularly measure the impact of actions to quantify the results and check whether the objectives set out in the strategy are being met.


Social Ads

We carry out the strategy and manage your advertising on social networks.


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Helps sales

Although social media was not conceived as a direct sales channel, no one can deny that it helps to boost sales. More and more users are looking for information about companies’ products and services on social media. Having a good presence in this area is vital.

Instant customer service channel

Customer service and after-sales service is extremely important. Social media can be a great channel to serve their needs.

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Generate traffic to your website

An appropriate strategy will increase traffic to your site, becoming a weapon to attract potential sales and loyalty.

Expanding your brand

If there is one thing that characterises a good Social Media strategy, it is that it increases the reach of your brand and increases the possibility of new potential customers getting to know it.

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Create emotional bonds with your audience

Years ago, the company-customer relationship was cold and distant. Today, daily two-way communication means that we know what the community demands, so that a company-user relationship is created that we have never seen before in any media.

Low cost of your advertising

The different social media advertising tools allow you to reach a large number of potential customers at a much lower cost than traditional advertising. And with unparalleled targeting power.

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It depends on the objectives. Some of the metrics or KPI’S to take into account are:

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Initial audit

Knowing where the brand stands is fundamental, and for this we will carry out both an internal and external analysis. We consider this research phase to be one of the most important in the plan, as it is one of the reasons why many strategies fail.

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Carrying out a correct and exhaustive analysis of the competition is crucial for a good strategy. We research, analyse and compare your brand with direct competitors and leaders in the sector. This way we know what the competition is doing and what trends there are, with the aim of incorporating them into your project.

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Social Media strategy and content design

We create a strategy and establish how the brand will address its target audience through social media. We will establish objectives and the tools we will use to achieve them. Here we define the content topics that we are going to publish, if we are going to use influencer marketing, actions... etc.

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Social Ads Campaigns

We manage, create and maintain paid campaigns on different social media platforms.

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Material design

We design a visual identity and corporate layout for your brand. This way it will be easily identifiable for your audience.

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Content creation

After creating the strategy, we execute it. We create a monthly content grid following the previously defined strategy.

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Constant measurement

Social Media is in constant turmoil. Nothing is set in stone. That's why we believe that everything we do must be thoroughly measured to find the exact formula that makes us connect with your community. To do this, we carry out continuous reviews and monthly reports.


Social Media Marketing is a part of the overall marketing strategy that focuses on developing actions on social networks. The aim is to raise awareness of your services or products and, in addition, to generate an emotional bond with your target audience that goes beyond the simple sale.

The Social Media Manager is responsible for developing and planning a brand’s social media strategy, which is then implemented by the Community Manager. In addition, he/she defines the objectives and ensures that they are met.

Unique, relevant and engaging content is what transforms a potential customer into an end customer. The more valuable content you create that answers their questions and concerns, the more customers you will attract in the long run. More importantly, you will also build customer loyalty.

  • Increase your visibility very quickly: The algorithm of all platforms makes it very difficult to reach a large number of your audience. The solution is to invest in advertising.
  • Detailed segmentation: Reach your target audience and avoid reaching people who are not interested in your product or service.
  • It’s very worthwhile: If you do it right, of course. It’s usually quite cheap. Like other platforms such as Google Ads, if your ad has high quality levels, your CPC will be cheaper.
  • Budget control: You can start by investing just a few euros a day. This makes it an ideal option for small and medium-sized businesses.
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B2B platform developed for the famous company JUST EAT in Prestashop 1.7 technology. Through this platform, the more than 6000 restaurants that are members of JUST EAT can buy, reserve, or rent the brand's products.

services performed:
  • 100% custom design
  • Custom development in Prestashop 1.7 technology
  • Integration with Just Eat's own ERP
  • Integration with Logistics and Transportation

Development of B2C online store for Quokka, Premium bottle brand. Its custom design and a new brand concept stand out.

services performed:
  • Prestashop 1.6 Project Development
  • 100% custom design
  • Link with ERP
  • Link with their own logistics

Iturri, a leading company in the manufacture of garments, equipment and vehicles for Industrial Safety and Protection, Emergencies, Defense and Health. They trusted us to open their new online sales channel.

services performed:
  • Ecommerce consulting
  • 100% custom design
  • Custom development in Prestashop 1.7 technology
  • Digital marketing
  • Professional web hosting

The prestigious chain of fashion stores JVZ, entrusted us with the development of its new online store with a 100% personalized design and integrated with its ERP software.

services performed:
  • 100% custom design
  • Custom development in Prestashop technology
  • Web hosting - Dedicated server
  • Integration with ERP and Online Marketing

Platform developed for Yamaha Motor Spain in Prestashop technology. Through this platform, Yamaha dealers in Spain can purchase, reserve or rent the brand's advertising and promotional material to be displayed in their stores and at their events.

Yamaha Motor
services performed:
  • Prestashop ecommerce project
  • 100% custom design
  • Link with ERP
  • Link with transport

Design and development of a B2B ecommerce platform for Condalab, the first Spanish manufacturer of dehydrated culture media for microbiology and molecular biology and one of the leaders at an international level. Project that unifies online store and corporate website.

services performed:
  • 100% custom design
  • Custom development in Prestashop 1.7 technology
  • B2B project
  • Integration with client ERP