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We help you diversify your marketing strategy to increase your sales.

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    How to help you to sell
    on marketplaces

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    Strategic consultancy

    We thoroughly analyze your goals and products to set a customized strategy for you. Through the analysis and review by our team, we will show you the most fruitful ways to sell in the most relevant Marketplaces.

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    Technical integration

    Diversifying your strategy does not have to mean an exponential multiplication of efforts. With our help, you will be able to integrate your ecommerce with the main marketplaces on the market to make your daily work as easy as possible.

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    Product Page Optimization (SEO)

    Raise the positioning of your products with appropriate titles, eye-catching images and descriptions that align with the standards of each platform. Be a Top Seller in your category.

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    Design and optimization of the product sheet

    Making your product stand out in the marketplace where it is located is essential for potential customers to choose it over your competitors’ products. We optimize the look and feel of your product cards to make them attractive to buyers.

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    Advertising and promotional actions

    We strategically boost your visibility through advertising campaigns and other relevant actions in the main marketplaces. With our service, we will increase your conversions so you don’t have to settle for organic sales.

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    Analytical and Reporting

    Once you start selling on marketplaces, monthly we study in detail the results and future opportunities for further growth. We measure and evaluate your sales and presence and provide you with insights to improve your strategy.

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    Why should you diversify your strategy and bet on marketplaces?


    Less risks

    By diversifying where you sell, you can mitigate risks. If your website faces technical problems or crashes, having a presence on marketplaces ensures that your sales continue.


    Credibility and trust 

    For many consumers, shopping on a well-known marketplace carries a level of trust, due to the customer protection policies and review systems of these sites.


    Ease of scalability

    Many marketplaces offer tools and resources that allow sellers to expand quickly. In addition, some offer logistics and warehousing services, which reduces the operational burden and allows companies to focus on expansion.


    Access to a wide audience

    Established marketplaces, such as Amazon, AliExpress or Ebay, have millions of daily visitors. Selling on these platforms gives you an instant opportunity to expose your products to a wider audience with, a priori, much less marketing effort.


    Flexibility and adaptability

    With the experience of selling on marketplaces, you gain a greater ability to adapt to different environments and market demands. This flexibility is vital in the ever-changing world of e-commerce.


    Consumer Data and Insights

    Marketplaces often offer analytical tools that allow you to better understand your audience, allowing you to optimize your listings and marketing strategies.

    Main Marketplaces

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    Proud to be partners
    of Amazon Ads

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    Expertise backed by Amazon

    Priority support service and dedicated advice from Amazon Ads

    Access to resources, documentation, training, releases, etc. with priority access for partners

    This allows us to keep up to date with everything that is happening in the Amazon ecosystem

    Satisfied customers
    are synonymous with a job well done

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    Highly recommended!

    We had been changing agencies for a long time until we came across Línea Gráfica by direct recommendation.

    They are great professionals who listen and advise their clients in a professional and above all rational way.

    Pilar Martín – Manager Ecommerce of Puro Ego

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    estrellas - Marketplaces Agency

    They have a very professional, close and proactive team.

    They are there whenever you need them. They also offer a wide range of services to help you with your e-commerce.

    Francisco Ochoa – Seena Owell CEO

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    Super professional and proactive marketing team. Something that is hard to find.

    Many times we have so many things that we don’t know where to go, the Línea Grafica team is able to guide us and solve our needs with autonomy.
    Said and done.

    Said Jimenez – Business Development Manager of Dietisur

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    Cross the line start selling on marketplaces

    We are experts, we know how to provide you with the necessary strategies to make your online business sales take off thanks to marketplaces.

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    Frequently Asked Questions
    about our marketplaces service

    What is a PPC agency?

    A PPC (Pay Per Click) agency is a company specialized in the management of online advertising campaigns through PPC advertising platforms, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Amazon Ads, among others. In Linea Grafica, As a PPC agency, our main objective is to help our clients maximize their return on investment and obtain effective results thanks to paid advertising.

    How is a PPC campaign budget determined?

    The budget of a PPC campaign is determined by several factors, including the type of campaign, the size of the audience, the level of competition in the market, and the client's business objectives. In our digital marketing agency and PPC, we work with each client to determine an appropriate budget for their specific needs. This includes a thorough market and competitive assessment, as well as an evaluation of business objectives and expected return on investment.

    What tracking and analytics metrics are used to measure the success of a PPC campaign?

    We use analytics and data tracking tools to measure the success of a PPC campaign. This includes tracking impressions, clicks, conversion rate, cost per click and ROI, among other metrics. In addition, we perform keyword analysis and audience segmentation to ensure that campaigns are targeting the right audience and achieving optimal results. We use this data to make real-time adjustments and improve campaign effectiveness. Remember we are a PPC Agency, SEM Agency, Social Ads, Amazon Ads and programmatic agency, so the monitoring and analysis of campaigns is part of our daily roadmap.