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Línea Gráfica support packages for Shopify and Shopify Plus adapt to any of your store’s needs. You can request development tasks and modifications or improvements to your project, consulting, design… Everything you need to boost your ecommerce sales!


errores - Shopify Support Certificate

Review and error correction

Do you detect functionality errors and/or 500 errors in your online store? We review your website to identify them and make the necessary corrections.

instalacion - Shopify Support Certificate

Installation and start-up of modules

We carry out the installation, configuration and necessary modifications in the modules you need so that they do not interfere with the store’s functionality.

ssl - Shopify Support Certificate

SSL and mixed content issues

We solve problems resulting from the installation of SSL certificates and mixed content that mark your website as “unsafe.”

ppp - Shopify Support Certificate

Carriers and payment gateways

The biggest problem for any ecommerce, leave the analysis and solution of these issues in our hands to be able to bill and ship your products.

consultoria - Shopify Support Certificate

Strategic Consulting Service

Hire Digital Marketing, PPC, SEO audit, Marketing Automation consulting by the hour… and get the most potential return for your business.

design - Shopify Support Certificate

Design and layout modifications

Based on your preferences and the proposals of our design and UX team, we implement the necessary modifications to maximize conversion.


The service offered includes consulting and development work for modifications and/or project improvements, according to the needs and requests that the client requests.

ico reloj 20 - Shopify Support Certificate

20 hours

1200€ + VAT
The hour costs you 60€

ico reloj 30 - Shopify Support Certificate

30 hours

1770€ + VAT
The hour costs you 59€

ico reloj 40 - Shopify Support Certificate

40 hours

2320€ + VAT
The hour costs you 58€

ico reloj 50 - Shopify Support Certificate

50 hours

2850€ + VAT
The hour costs you 57€

ico reloj 60 - Shopify Support Certificate

60 hours

3360€ + VAT
The hour costs you 56€

ico reloj 100 - Shopify Support Certificate

100 hours

5500€ + VAT
The hour costs you 55€


ico contacto - Shopify Support Certificate


If you have any questions, contact us and explain your project’s needs. We will try to guide you and offer the most optimal solution for each issue or improvement your ecommerce needs.

ico estimacion - Shopify Support Certificate


Based on these needs, our certified Shopify technical support team will estimate the time needed to implement the analysis, changes, and/or improvements.

ico solucion - Shopify Support Certificate


We start working on your project, keeping you informed at all times through our internal management panel where you can communicate with us at any time. Feedback is crucial for us.

pic trabajando - Shopify Support Certificate
We believe that continuous feedback is one of the keys to the success of any project and client-provider relationship. That’s why we have the best professionals in the ecommerce field, with clear work protocols and a task control and ongoing communication portal. The Shopify support you need!

Assigned personnel

The people responsible for providing services are senior technicians with extensive experience in their respective fields. We believe that betting on experience is the best guarantee for ensuring quality work.

  • For jobs involving development and/or code modification, a senior programmer will be assigned.
  • For requested jobs involving design and layout modifications, a senior designer and layout expert will be assigned.

pic panel horas - Shopify Support Certificate

Work protocol

Another key to ensuring the best service is having a clear and defined work protocol and hours consumption that constantly seeks to improve efficiency and effectiveness. Therefore:

  • After the client hires the service hours package, we will request access information to the platform, such as hosting panel access, FTP store access, phpMyAdmin access, backoffice access, etc.
  • Once the technicians have all the necessary access, our team will dedicate an initial moment to analyze and consult the platform’s status.
  • After this initial phase, the changes and/or improvements requested by the client will be carried out.
NOTE: If your online store has not been developed by Graphic Line, we cannot guarantee the project’s condition when delivered to us. Times will always be estimated and never fixed. Until our technicians access the platform in question, they are not able to estimate task times to be developed.
Regardless of who has created the store, if it has significant customizations, such as management software integration, purchased modules, Shopify core customizations, etc., it must be communicated in the first task the client requests.

Hours control portal

For hours control, task development, and feedback, we have a specific portal where you can create tasks, create discussion threads and conversations about each task, view the time spent on each task, and the overall time used to date.

Each task request made by the client will enter production within a maximum of 15 days (we usually try to attend to them within the first 24 working hours) after receiving the request. It is essential that you try to group as many tasks as possible in each request.

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What can be done with an hours pack?

Error review and correction, module installation, SSL issues and mixed content, project development, or design and layout… Our team can perform all these tasks from our hours pack. Before starting to work, our senior developers will audit your online store to organize and solve your ecommerce needs.

How do we work with Shopify support?

First, we will audit your ecommerce and explain which needs we must address. Then, we will estimate the time required to carry out the tasks, and finally, we will begin working on them, providing you with constant feedback on the work done.

How can I track tasks?

Through our task management application, you can monitor and track the progress of our team, the time allocated, and the remaining hours in your hours pack. At Graphic Line, we specialize in ecommerce project development, so we have refined our work methodology based on communication and continuous feedback. Through our task management portal, we will communicate with you constantly to inform you about everything developed.

Why hire Shopify support with Línea Gráfica?

Unlike other agencies, we only have senior developers with extensive experience for Shopify store support.

pic att - Shopify Support Certificate

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