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How we work with Google Ads campaigns

At Línea Gráfica, thanks to years of experience and our highly qualified team, we have developed a workflow that allows us to achieve the best results in the most optimal way, without losing focus on the needs of the shop. Every business is different, so we want to provide customised solutions for each of our clients. Each shop is different, so we want to provide customised solutions for each of our clients. How do we do it?


Analysis and current status

The first step is always to know where we are starting from. That is why we carry out an in-depth analysis of the needs of the website and its current state. Based on this, we help clients to establish the objectives of the Google Ads campaign and recommend the most optimal budget to achieve them.


Keyword Research

We carry out a keyword study using advanced tools such as SEMRush or Google Ads' own Keyword Planner. We analyse the results according to the number of searches, their cost and their intentionality and we choose the keywords that best adapt to the established objectives and that will provide the highest ROI.


Set Up Campaign and Analytics

Based on the previous analysis, we set up the account, giving it the most appropriate structure for each client. Afterwards, we configure the campaign according to the budget, target and objectives. We also carry out A/B tests on the campaigns to achieve the best possible results.


Continuous Improvement

Once the campaign is up and running, we continuously monitor it to adjust the budget and keywords according to the results. This way we make sure that the campaign is always working correctly.


Analytics and Measurement

We will send you the reports of the campaigns carried out so that you are always aware of their results. You will know the traffic obtained thanks to Google Ads campaigns, the conversion rate, the number of new users, the ROI, and much more. This will not only give you information about its performance, but will also allow us to know points of improvement for future campaigns.


Focus on ROI

Our main objective is not to attract more traffic to your website, but to ensure that it is of high quality. That's why we are committed to improving the ROI of your campaigns so that the investment you make is translated into revenue.


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Prestashop Partner Platinum

We are the first agency in Spain to get the highest existing level of Prestashop web agency certifications.

- PPC Campaigns

AliExpress Partner

We are the developers of the Official Aliexpress module that allows you to integrate Prestashop shops in this great marketplace.

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PayPal Partner

If you need to integrate paypal in a 100% customised way, we are your company.

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Connectif Partner

Offer your customers personalised shopping experiences based on their behaviour in order to increase sales.

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Doofinder Partner

We help you to integrate the smartest search engine on your site. Take advantage of this functionality and improve your conversions.

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Google Partner

Our marketing team is made up of trusted experts who can help you with your business.

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OVH Cloud Partner

We have been working with Europe's leading hosting infrastructure company for 10 years.

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Trusted Shops Partner

Use the Trusted Shop certification and benefit from the extra confidence that the badge brings to your customers.

PPC Campaigns

PPC campaigns, or Pay Per Click, are the most common form of advertising on Google Adwords. It involves paying a fixed or auctioned amount of money for each click that a user makes on the advert. The objective is that this user performs a certain action on our website, such as making a purchase, downloading a document or filling in the contact form.

Google Ads is one of the essential tools in the world of online marketing. It allows you to place an ad that directs to your website, and thus increase traffic and number of users. It has two modalities: Search Network where the ad appears in the Google search engine when users make queries; and Display Network where ads appear on affiliated websites. Having a well-thought-out Google Ads strategy and complementing it with SEO will help us to obtain the best results and boost our sales.

When creating a campaign in Google Ads we can define the settings, such as the location of the ad, the budget, refine our target audience, schedule times and days, and much more. But just filling in the fields does not ensure the success of the campaign. Google constantly analyses the ranking of the ad to show users quality content and what they are really interested in. Therefore, it is advisable that campaigns are carried out by an expert.

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