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Specialists in Digital Marketing for Ecommerce

Our marketing service is the boost your business is asking for. We reach your target audience and turn them into potential customers through SEO, PPC, Marketing Automation, CRO, or Social media.


We turn your online store into a profitable business.

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Online marketing services
that your ecommerce needs

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SEO positioning

Conquer Google’s SERP and gain positions in the search engine. Take off and surpass your competition with the help of our SEO experts

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PPC campaings

Attract more customers and ensure your presence in the searches made by your target audience on Google through ads and PPC campaigns.

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Social Media

Don’t consider yourself a social media ace? Leave it in our hands! Our Social Media team will outline an action plan for you to grow organically.

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“Converting your audience into customers is our specialty. Through our CRO service, we create optimized shopping experiences to maximize your sales.

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Marketing automation

Automate hyper-personalized shopping experiences for your customers and increase sales for your online store with marketing automation. Send newsletters and build customer loyalty.

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Can you imagine reaching millions of potential customers and harnessing the power of Amazon or eBay? We make it possible with our Marketplace service!

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Our pride, the satisfaction of our customers

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Digital marketing
for the most efficient platforms

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Digital Marketing for Shopify

Take your business to the next level with digital marketing strategies for Shopify stores.

Thanks to our certification as a Shopify Plus Partner, we develop effective actions for this platform that help us attract, retain, and convert your potential customers.

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Digital marketing for PrestaShop​

PrestaShop is part of our daily routine.

Our extensive knowledge of this platform, along with our PrestaShop Expert maximum certification, enables us to carry out effective marketing actions and strategies within this CMS.

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Digital Marketing for WooCommerce

Scale up your growth with our digital marketing strategies for Woocommerce and WordPress.

Trust in an expert ecommerce team with over 15 years of experience

More customers.
More conversions, thanks to our Digital Marketing Agency

At Línea Gráfica, we specialize in Digital Marketing for Ecommerce, and we offer advanced strategies that will make a significant impact on your conversion rate.

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Cross the line,boost your sales

We are experts who know how to provide you with the necessary strategies to skyrocket the sales of your online business.

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Why us?
We give you 6 compelling reasons


With over 15 years of experience in the world of e-commerce


One of the few agencies in Spain with the Shopify Plus Partner certification


A highly qualified and certified multidisciplinary team


Specialized in national and international projects


The first Platinum Prestashop Partner agency in Spain


360-degree ecommerce services: Marketing, hosting, consulting, development, and software billing


When big companies endorse us, it’s because we’re doing things right, don’t you think?

Don’t hesitate any longer and trust our team of professionals. Leave it in our hands, and you’ll see the results!

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that we can solve for you right now

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Why do I need a Digital Marketing campaign?

Currently, the competition on the Internet is enormous. This is even more evident in the world of e-commerce. It is not enough to have a website with the right structure, design, and programming; it is crucial to build a series of strategies to reach our potential customers. Even having the most competitive prices or the highest quality products and services does not guarantee reaching our target audience. Moreover, it is not sufficient to have a high volume of visits or be positioned for certain search queries; it is essential to convert and, even more importantly, to retain customers, turning them into advocates.

As experts in Digital Marketing, we will provide you with a comprehensive strategy that fulfills all these objectives. This can only be achieved through a personalized marketing strategy tailored to your business, capable of constantly adapting and anticipating the continuous algorithmic changes implemented by different search engines, changes and innovations in consumer trends, and the development of new advertising strategies and sales platforms. Therefore, our multidisciplinary team of professionals will thoroughly study your project and propose a 360-degree digital marketing strategy, ensuring that your entire digital ecosystem is geared towards conversion.

Do you only do digital marketing for online commerce?

No. Although at Línea Gráfica we specialize in marketing for e-commerce, our team is qualified to help you grow regardless of your project. Our team is multidisciplinary, which allows us to adapt to any type of marketing project, whether your website is an e-commerce, corporate, or other.

What are we capable of doing?

In the field of Digital Marketing, anything you can imagine: Google Ads, Marketing Automation, SEO Positioning, Facebook Ads, Email Marketing, Programmatic Advertising, CRO/UX, Social Media, Marketplace Integration, etc., etc., etc. But our value is not only based on what we know how to do, but on identifying what you need to do in order to focus our efforts there. In fact, there is no magic formula or infallible recipe, as what works for one client may not be effective for another.

How can you monitor the progress of your projects?

At any time, and from the palm of your hand. Through an online project management platform, you have real-time control over the progress of all active tasks (while generating a history of activity). In this way, any member of your team can easily pick up the thread of a task to collaborate in its development. And the feedback generated between both parties allows for exponential task execution.

How long will it take to see the first results?

There are two ways to answer this question: to tell the truth, or to tell the whole truth. At Línea Gráfica, we always choose the second option. The only thing we can guarantee is the work done. Based on this, our main interest is for you to succeed, because that will also be our success. And it's not just a phrase, as we don't work with permanence clauses, so we are the first ones interested in your success. The time will depend on countless factors, but we maximize those factors that we can control to the fullest.