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We bring you an effective way to boost your business, increase your sales, and generate potential customers. We have helped many companies achieve their business goals, and we are confident that we can help you too.

Guaranteed! Generate more sales and potential customers.

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Multiply your meetings by 10x thanks to email without having to lift a finger

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Time and cost savings

We implement precise automations and effectively connect with your target audience.

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Improved lead qualification

Thanks to a qualified target audience and a value proposition, we will increase the volume of qualified leads you will obtain month after month.

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Improved branding and brand image

We will deliver the name of your company to your potential customers in a direct and personalized manner.


Thanks to our cold Email Marketing service, we can personalize the content 100% to adapt it to the type of customer we are targeting, achieving a 1-to-1 conversation.

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Automate and you will conquer.

Get more sales opportunities for your business with the ability to create personalized and effective cold email sequences. Forget about generic messages and make the most of each generated lead.

Moreover, not only can you reach out through email, but we also offer the opportunity to connect with other professional networks like LinkedIn.

Precise campaign control

 You will know the results of your campaigns at all times: how many prospects have been contacted, how many responses we have received, open rates, scheduled meetings, etc.

All of this is to ensure that you have complete control over the Email Marketing actions taken and to know the return on investment provided by the service.

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Transform email into a revenue-generating machine.

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potential leads
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How does it work?

We follow a rigorous and data-driven process. Our goal is to identify the appropriate frequency and message for each target, and to achieve that, we track and evaluate all data from day one.

1. Segmenting the target audience.

We start by defining a clear profile of the target audience so that we can segment it into specific individuals.

2. A/B testing and experimentation.

We select messages and audiences, test options through campaigns, and analyze qualitative results to identify the most effective message version for each defined audience segment.

3. Scalability and automations.

Once the optimal frequency and effective messages have been identified, we focus on campaigns that will generate potential leads and work with this premise.

4. Campaign optimization and reporting.

We measure the success of campaigns using key performance indicators (KPIs).

We improve what works and discard what doesn’t, aiming for a good return on investment every month.

1. Segmentando al público objetivo

Empezamos definiendo un perfil claro del público objetivo de modo que podamos segmentarlo en individuos específicos.

2. Test A/B y experimentación

Seleccionamos mensajes y audiencias, probamos opciones a través de campañas y analizamos resultados cualitativos para identificar la versión del mensaje más efectiva para cada segmento de audiencia definido.

3. Escalabilidad y automatizaciones

Una vez que se han identificado la frecuencia óptima y los mensajes eficaces, nos centramos en las campañas que nos van a generar leads potenciales y comenzamos a trabajar con esta premisa.

4. Optimización y reporte de campañas

Medimos el éxito de campañas usando indicadores de rendimiento.

Mejoramos lo que funciona y descartamos lo que no, para obtener un buen retorno cada mes.

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Choose the option that best suits your needs

Essential package

Advanced package

we will clarify it for you right now

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What is the difference between cold email and marketing emails?

The main difference between cold emails and marketing emails is their purpose and target audience.

A cold email is an email sent to a recipient who hasn't expressed prior interest in receiving that email. It is typically used to establish initial contact with a person or a company and present a business offer or proposal. Cold emails are usually personalized and specific to each recipient, as the goal is to establish a connection and initiate a business relationship.

On the other hand, marketing emails are emails sent to a list of contacts who have expressed interest in receiving information or promotions from a company or organization. These emails are used to promote products, services, events, or other marketing initiatives. Marketing emails can be more general and may not be personalized for each recipient, as they are sent to an audience that has already shown prior interest.

How do we ensure that the sent email doesn't end up in the spam folder?

There are 2 main causes for email bounces and ESPs marking emails as spam: Domain reputation and Email content and format. To address these issues, we work with deliverability verification tools and employ a series of best practices when crafting emails to improve their chances of successful delivery.

How do we know if the campaign is working?

Measuring the effectiveness of a cold email campaign can be challenging, but there are some key metrics you can use to evaluate its performance:

Open rate: This metric measures the percentage of recipients who have opened the email you sent. A high open rate can indicate that the email subject and sender have sparked the recipient's interest.

Click-through rate: This metric measures the percentage of recipients who have clicked on a link within the email. If the click-through rate is high, it means that the email content has been engaging and relevant to the recipient.

Conversion rate: This metric measures the percentage of recipients who have taken the desired action, such as completing a form, making a purchase, or scheduling a meeting. If the conversion rate is high, it means that the cold email campaign has been effective in persuading the recipient to take the desired action.

Response rate: This metric measures the percentage of recipients who have responded to the email. If the response rate is high, it means that the recipient has shown interest in what you offered in the email and it's a sign that you can continue the conversation with them.

In general, to evaluate whether a cold email campaign is working, you should compare these metrics with your goals and previous metrics from similar campaigns. If your results are positive, you may need to continue working on the campaign to further improve it. If you're not seeing the desired results, you may need to review and adjust your cold email strategy.

Is it illegal to send cold commercial emails?

Sending cold emails is a legal practice as long as certain regulations are followed. For example, it is necessary to comply with the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) when collecting and using contact information. With the proper information and implementation of best practices, it is possible to effectively and legally send cold emails.