Experts in Digital Marketing for Woocommerce

Utilizamos estrategias avanzadas para impulsar tus ventas y aumentar los leads de tu tienda en Woocommerce.

We utilize advanced strategies to boost your sales and increase the leads of your Woocommerce store.

Boost your sales and empower your business

Our digital marketing services for Woocommerce

At Línea Gráfica, we offer you only the services that will truly make your business grow in Woocommerce. We don’t rely on theory, but instead, we base our strategies on qualified data and our 15 years of experience in managing online stores.


SEO positioning for your products

We boost your organic traffic by studying specific keywords for your product listings and for the pages of your services. We clean the code of your website so that your ecommerce is faster and you can move up a few positions in the Google SERP. You will get ahead of your competition!


Catalog synchronization with Facebook and Google Ads

We link your products with Facebook and Google Ads and design attractive and persuasive ads about your products. We segment your audience and their interests to impact only those users interested in clicking on the "see more" button and...Add your product to the cart.


Design and specialized CRO for Woocommerce

Optimization of the conversion rate or... In other words, advanced design strategies and analysis so that sales increase considerably. We do eyetracking and mouse tracking studies to obtain the improvements your website needs.


Management of platforms such as Amazon and Aliexpress

Selling solely on Woocommerce is an outdated tactic. At Línea Gráfica we overcome the past and offer you to upload and promote your products through Ads strategies on platforms such as Amazon or AliExpress.


Automatización de procesos con marketing automation

Vender de una forma automática es posible. A través de carritos abandonados, landing personalizadas o envío de sms o emails cultivaremos y atraeremos a tus leads para que compren tus productos y obtengas un retorno económico positivo


Email marketing and newsletter delivery

News, flash sales, personalized discounts... With email marketing, we connect you with your audience! We'll link your stock with email delivery so that users can access the product details with just one click.

deco comillas - WooCommerce Marketing Agency
deco comillas - WooCommerce Marketing Agency

Advantages of having a specialized team in Woocommerce

Having a specialized team in Woocommerce by your side provides extra advantages that will help you grow on a large scale. We are able to impact your audience and offer you a path focused on success.

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Increase in average order value

Woocommerce allows for the creation of discount codes to encourage your customers to make a purchase in your online store. Additionally, if you combine this strategy with automation services, digital advertising, or social media, success is virtually guaranteed.

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Integration with other tools

Selling on Woocommerce is good. But connecting it with another tool that helps you analyze your users in-depth and offer them exactly what they need at that moment… That’s taking it to the next level. At Línea Gráfica, we offer you this strategy so you can start selling in a qualified manner.

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CMS Seofriendly

If you don’t appear when your customers are searching for you… You’re lost. At Línea Gráfica, we leverage the SEO advantages provided by Woocommerce and develop a strategy to make your products visible, so you can generate revenue from organic traffic.

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Start selling intelligent

Start multiplying your sales! Achieve it by trusting in our marketing strategies for Woocommerce.

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Are you not attracting customers with your current marketing strategy?

Receive 1 daily tip for 10 days focused on attracting and retaining buyers using Woocommerce.


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It is possible by integrating automation tools or plugins. At Línea Gráfica, we are certified in Connectif, one of the most powerful tools in the market that allows us to automate any process in your ecommerce. You will be able to sell automatically and intelligently.

Yes, Instagram and Facebook can be connected with Woocommerce. Our team will take care of installing the necessary plugin so that we can launch ad campaigns linked to your stock.

We cannot guarantee how long it will take to see results, but what we can clarify is that at Línea Gráfica, we have over 15 years of experience managing e-commerce businesses, and our actions have provided positive returns for our clients.

Would you turn your back on Woocommerce marketing strategies that actually work?

Now that you know that you can boost your income thanks to our services…
It is in your power to let yourself be accompanied by an expert team in the growth of ecommerce.