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Prestashop Module – Image Optimizer Premium and Webp converter

With this module you can improve the quality of your images, increase their sharpness and reduce their size. You can also convert them to the “Webp” format, which is so popular with Google that it makes the images smaller.

Free installation
Official module verified by Prestashop
6 months FREE support and updates
Extendable to 12 months for only 10€
COMPATIBLITY Prestashop - 8.1
VERSION 1.0.5. Published on 04/08/2023
DEVELOPED BY Logo Linea Gráfica
Tax no included
  • Inside the module you have a simulator so that you can preview the result of your settings.
  • You can configure the quality level of your images by choosing from three options: Normal, High or Very High Quality.
  • You can configure the level of sharpness of your images by choosing from three options: Normal, High or Very High Sharpness.
  • You can choose whether you want to convert your images to Webp format.
  • You can also deactivate the module from the configuration area.
Benefits for your customers
Your customers will enjoy better photographs when they browse your online shop, thanks to the improved quality and sharpness of the images provided by the module.
Your online shop will increase its loading speed, since the smaller the images, the faster your shop will load. In addition, this will significantly benefit your online shop’s positioning and performance metrics.
Benefits for you
With this module you will get better image quality, more clarity and LESS size.
  • Your online shop will be faster thanks to having the images with smaller size.
  • The images will be displayed with better clarity
  • In addition, if you wish you can use the Webp format (so appreciated by Google)

Improve the quality of your shop’s images, as well as being able to convert them to Webp. The Webp format is the one recommended by Google, that is, Google will reward your shop if you have that format. In the configuration of the module you can test how to improve your shop’s images in the configuration area. Once you save the changes, do not forget, regenerate the images either through the native option of Prestashop or through a module, such as the one we have in Línea Gráfica Regenerate Thumbnails / Images – PrestaShop Module


  1. For its correct use the module requires a minimum version of PHP 5 > 5.5.0 or PHP 7.
  2. For the use of advanced WebP conversion functions, your server must have the “WebP Support” option active in the configuration of the GD library of PHP.


Therefore, you must to know what browser versions are compatible with Webp. 

  • Chrome is webp compatible as of version 32 
  • Edge is webp compatible as of version 18 
  • Safari is webp compatible as of version 16.0 
  • Firefox is webp compatible as of version 65 
  • Opera is webp compatible as of version 19 

For more information, please click here https://caniuse.com/?search=webp.