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Image Compress Optimization – Improve your Speed – Module Prestashop

Maximize the loading speed of your Prestashop store. How? Optimize the images of the site that you choose by compressing them without losing quality. Check your results in record time and offer a great experience to your users.

Free installation
Official module verified by Prestashop
6 months FREE support and updates
Extendable to 12 months for only 10€
COMPATIBLITY Prestashop - 1.7.8
VERSION 1.1.2. Published on 28/04/2021
DEVELOPED BY Logo Linea Gráfica
Tax no included
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to compress the images
  • Reduce considerably the weight of the images of your store
  • You can select the percentage of reduction of JPG and JPEG
  • You can select the value of the PNG reduction
  • You can select the images that you do not want to compress
  • Compatible with multistore
Benefits for your customers

Our module has been created to improve the speed of your Prestashop store. Users who browse your site can enjoy a better experience thanks to the speed of navigation. Of great importance also for SEO, since your customers will be able to find you more easily.

Benefits for you

Our module will help you improve the speed of your Prestashop store by making your customers navigate better through your store. In addition, it helps improve your SEO so that your clients will find you better.


Are you looking for a complete module to improve the speed of your website? you’ve found it!
Our module reduces the weight of the images of your website without losing quality in them. Making the loading speed increase considerably.

It is also very easy to use:
-Choose the reduction percentage of JPG and JPEG you want.
-Select the reduction value that PNG files will have.
-Select the images of your store that you do not want that are compressed.