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Tramas, a business specializing in home textiles with a notable physical and online presence. They stand out for offering a wide range of products at very competitive prices. Despite its success, Tramas recognized the need to organize and optimize its social media presence to further strengthen its positioning and connect more effectively with its target audience.


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Upon accepting the challenge of Tramas we saw that it was a brand with a lot of potential in networks, but that they had basic problems. The organization of their Social Media department was basic. One of the first steps was to propose a dynamic that would lay the foundations of their monthly content planning, where the design department and the network department would be in constant communication.

All that was left was to study the sector and the competition to create a Social Media strategy, putting valuable content at the center, relying heavily on UGC and content generated by microinfluencers.

Tramas’ success story is based on the organization, planning and creation of synergies between different departments and people.

Antonio Pérez

Social Media Manager

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The challenge

The main challenge was to help the Tramas team organize their work around corporate social media. Their social media presence needed a thorough audit and review of their strategic approach. In addition, a detailed comparison with the competition and a clear definition of the tone, style and content themes that would resonate with their audience was needed.

– Own social channels audit.

– Competitor benchmark.

– Definition of content themes.

– Definition of tone and style.

– Implementation of social media tracking pixels and tags.

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Our work

At Linea Grafica, we accepted the challenge of supporting Tramas in their journey towards optimizing their social media presence. Our first step was to audit their social media profiles to understand their current status, identify areas for improvement, and chart a clear path towards optimization.

We performed a competitive benchmark to understand market trends and successful strategies that could be adopted or adapted by Tramas. This assessment provided valuable insights into which tactics were working in the industry and how Tramas could effectively differentiate itself.

We then worked closely with the Tramas team to define the tone and style that would be consistent with their brand and appealing to their audience. We also helped identify and plan relevant content topics that could drive engagement and promote greater interaction with their followers

What did we achieve?

Thanks to the collaboration between Linea Grafica and Tramas, the brand has significantly improved its presence in social networks. We achieved:

– Optimization of Tramas social media profiles based on the audit performed.

– Implementation of competitive and differentiating strategies based on competitive benchmarking.

– Establishment of a consistent and engaging communication tone and style, along with relevant and attractive content planning that has driven engagement and interaction.


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Tap the potential of your social networks

Do you face similar challenges in your business? Do you need help organizing and optimizing your social media presence? At Linea Grafica, we can help you navigate this process and get exceptional results. Contact us today to learn more about how our social media consulting services can benefit your ecommerce!