Synchronise your Prestashop ecommerce with Aliexpress

We’ll take care of it!

Aliexpress integration service, for only 570€ +VAT.

If you have already downloaded our official module  and you are having difficulties synchronising your Prestashop shop, we offer you our Prestashop shop integration service with Aliexpress. The aim of this service is to synchronise your online shop with Aliexpress and train you on how to use the module.

We help you with your merchant account 

The first step to be able to sell on Aliexpress is to register as a seller. Our support staff will guide you step by step through the registration process on the Aliexpress platform.

In order to complete the registration application you will need to have at least the following documents at hand: Tax Identification Card or Form 036 (if you are a company) and if you are Self-Employed, Form 036 or 037.

The registration process usually takes between 3-10 days, depending on the type of registration.

All sellers start with a standard shop. No additional documentation or requirements are needed to start selling on AliExpress.

Nevertheless, if you are an owner of a brand or if you are an official distributor, it could be interesting for you to convert your AliExpress shop into an official shop or franchise shop. But this will have to be dealt with in a second phase.

cuadro registrarse - Integration service with Aliexpress
cuadro catalogo - Integration service with Aliexpress

We analyse the product catalogue

The first thing our integration team will do is to analyse together with the seller which products and which families/categories they want to offer for sale on Aliexpress. 

It is important to bear in mind that Aliexpress has defined its categories, and it is necessary to make an analysis of the families of the online shop, since we will have to match them.

This task is vital so that Aliexpress does not reject products for not belonging to the correct category.

We will also review with the seller the starting prices and the images to be published on the Aliexpress platform, to try as far as possible not to reject them.

We configure the module to your needs

We will configure the module in all its facets:
  • API connection
  • Category matching
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Catalogue and Tariffs
  • Attributes and features
  • Order management and status changes
The module has many configurable options. Our Prestashop integration support staff will ensure that everything is well configured and working so that there are no incidents.
cuadro config - Integration service with Aliexpress
cuadro form - Integration service with Aliexpress

We show you how to use the module.
You will be 100% autonomous.

We will teach you how to use the Aliexpress module so that you can manage your orders, your catalogue and your prices completely independently. From uploading new products, updating them, changing the price, managing your orders, to creating new families, matching them, changing published images and managing logistics. In addition, the session will be recorded on video so that you can refer back to it without having to replay it. Our goal is that you learn how to use the module 100%.

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How to register as a seller on AliExpress?

Signing up as a seller is easy! If you feel a bit confused about the steps to take, at Línea Gráfica we can take care of the integration of your ecommerce with Aliexpress using one of our Prestashop module, specifically official Aliexpress module. We will only need your tax identification card or, in other words, Form 036 (if you are a company). If you are self-employed, we will need you to send us form 036 or 037. Once we have this information, you just need some patience because the process can take around 3-10 days.

How to integrate the AliExpress module in my Prestashop?

To integrate the Aliexpress module in Prestashop we need to have access to your back office in order to upload the module. Once this is done, you will need to register as a seller on the platform and follow several steps: We will synchronise the products or product categories you wish to sell on Aliexpress, modify their prices if you see it necessary and then change or add more images if you request us to.