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Fisiomarket is a top ecommerce in the vertical of the sale of physiotherapy products nationwide. Moreover, Para Linea Grafica is one of our best projects and the one we are most proud of for different reasons: it is one of our longest running projects, we have been in charge of the development of its ecommerce, its improvements and maintenance, its marketing strategy, hosting infrastructure and even the development of its POS software.

In this specific case, we want to talk about how the Covid-19 pandemic impacted Fisiomarket’s business strategy and how Línea Gráfica designed a contingency plan to act immediately.

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Working closely with the Fisiomarket team for so long was a key factor in adapting to the situation quickly. Our in-depth knowledge of their catalog was decisive in devising a change of strategy that allowed us not only to solve the crisis, but also to improve results by finding an opportunity in an emergency situation.

Inés Martín

PPC Manager

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The challenge

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fisiomarket’s focus was on business and physical therapy professionals. However, with the declaration of confinement in March 2020, its business model was significantly impacted as physical therapy practitioner activity paused.

The challenge we faced with Fisiomarket was enormous:

1. Quickly adapt existing PPC strategy to respond to changing market conditions and new consumer behavior.

2. Shifting the focus of advertising campaigns from B2B to B2C, while looking for creative and effective ways to continue to provide value to Fisiomarket’s customers.

This led us to reevaluate and refocus our digital marketing strategy to keep Fisiomarket relevant, drive sales of home fitness products, and ultimately keep the company afloat during a global downturn. We needed to find a way to not only maintain, but increase traffic and sales, to counteract the decline in sales from other channels. This challenge forced us to be agile, creative and highly responsive to rapid market transformations.


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Our work

It was decided to change the PPC strategy, reorienting it from B2B to B2C. We started targeting consumers directly. Identifying a growing demand for doing sports at home due to pandemic restrictions, we boosted the sale of physiotherapy products for home use.

What did we get?

This strategy proved to be tremendously successful. The data speaks for itself. During the four-month period from March 1 to June 30, 2020, compared to the same period last year, we saw incredible growth in all key areas:

  • Our PPC users increased by 413%.
  • PPC sessions increased by 450%.
  •  PPC purchases increased by 302%.
  •  Revenue generated through Google Ads grew by 201%.

The increase in traffic and sales through PPC not only mitigated the drop in sales from other channels, but also led to overall growth in all web metrics:

  • Web users increased by 274%.
  • Web sessions increased by 312%.
  • Total number of purchases doubled, up 100%.
  • Overall company revenue grew by 44%.
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Would you like to have a successful PPC strategy like Fisiomarket?

We don’t want another global pandemic to happen, and we want to show you that we are your digital marketing agency, don’t wait any longer and contact us right now!

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