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Quimipool, a leading distributor of pool care products, has earned the recognition of its customers thanks to its variety and quality. Moreover, for Linea Grafica it is one of our longest running and most multidisciplinary projects. However, despite its success, Quimipool identified the need to revitalize its ecommerce and strengthen its SEO strategy to remain competitive in the digital world.

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Working for so long with the fantastic team at Quimipool has been essential for the project to climb the ladder to become one of the leaders in the pool equipment sector in Spain. Together, we have drawn up strategies to strengthen the most relevant elements of the catalog and to position the core business groups year after year.

Miguel Pineda

SEO Manager

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The challenge

The main challenge Quimipool faced was to perform a complete restyling of their current ecommerce, improving both the aesthetics and functionality of their platform. In addition, they were looking to improve their online visibility through an effective SEO strategy to increase impressions, clicks and improve the average position in search results.

  • Improve the user experience.
  • Upgrade the ecommerce design layer.
  • Improve Core Web Vitals indicators.
  • Increase SEO performance.
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Our work

At Linea Grafica, we took on the challenge of helping Quimipool revitalize its ecommerce and boost its online presence. Our team of ecommerce development and SEO experts got to work to transform Quimipool’s Prestashop platform and optimize its SEO strategy.

We performed a complete restyling of their ecommerce, improving the user experience, optimizing functionality and giving a new look to the design to make it more attractive. In parallel, we implemented a customized SEO strategy that included on-page optimization, Core Web Vitals optimization and relevant content creation to improve Quimipool’s online visibility.

And what did we achieve?

As a result of our collaboration with Quimipool, we have achieved:

  • Successful Ecommerce Restyling: We performed a complete restyling of Quimipool’s Prestashop platform, improving the user experience and functionality of the site. The new design, more modern and attractive, has increased user interaction and generated a positive response in the perception of the brand.
  • Increase in Impressions: As a result of our customized SEO strategy, Quimipool’s impressions increased by 49.29% in the first 3 months after the restyling, compared to the previous season. This means that Quimipool products were shown much more frequently in Google search results, increasing brand visibility.
  • Increased Clicks: With our SEO strategy, Quimipool experienced a 34.43% increase in clicks. This indicates that more people not only saw Quimipool’s products in search results, but also clicked through to visit their website and explore their offerings. This is just in the first 3 months after implementing the changes, which we are still rolling out.
  • Improvement in Average Position: We also managed to improve Quimipool’s average position in search results by 10%. This shows that Quimipool’s products are appearing in a higher position on search results pages, which often leads to more clicks and site visits.
  • Increased Traffic and Online Sales: Thanks to the ecommerce restyling and improved SEO strategy, Quimipool saw an overall increase in website traffic and online sales. This increase indicates a growth in Quimipool’s customer base and improved overall business performance.
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Exploit your ecommerce potential

Does your ecommerce need a restyling? Do you want to boost your online presence with an effective SEO strategy? At Linea Grafica, we can help you achieve both goals and more. Contact us today to learn more about how our ecommerce development and SEO services can boost your business!

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