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Lottusse, a prestigious footwear brand, is known for its commitment to quality and distinctive design. However, to remain competitive in the digital marketplace, Lottusse needed to improve and optimize their Prestashop-based ecommerce. They recognized the need for ecommerce development experts to drive digital business.

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We worked closely with Lottusse to create an impeccable user experience taking into account the specific needs of both the brand and its shoppers. A clean, clear design and navigation with all the facilities so that the user would not find any blockage at the time of purchase.

Patricia Hueso

UX Designer

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The challenge

The challenge was twofold. Lottusse needed specific, customized enhancements to its Prestashop platform to ensure a superior user experience and maximize sales. In addition, they needed ongoing support to implement on-demand developments that responded to changing market and consumer needs.

– Design and UX improvements.

– Implementation of customized functionalities.

– PrestaShop support on demand.

– Hosting support.

– Soporte Hosting.

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Our work

At Linea Grafica, we took on the challenge of supporting Lottusse on its path to a better ecommerce presence. Our team of ecommerce development experts worked to identify areas of improvement in Lottusse’s Prestashop platform and then implemented custom solutions to optimize its functionality.

These improvements ranged from optimizing website performance to improving the user interface, to implementing addons or tracking tags.

In addition, we offered a continuous support service for “on demand” developments, which allowed Lottusse to quickly adapt to market changes and effectively respond to new consumer demands.


The collaboration between Linea Grafica and Lottusse led to significant results, including:

– Noticeable improvement in the functionality and performance of Lottusse’s ecommerce on Prestashop, resulting in an improved user experience.

– Successful implementation of “on demand” custom enhancements and developments, allowing Lotusse to quickly adapt to changing market needs.

– Improved UX experience.

– Improved implementation of measurement tags.

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Optimize your ecommerce

Does your ecommerce need optimization and are you looking for expert development support for your Prestashop platform? At Linea Grafica, we can help you improve your online business and effectively adapt to changing market demands. Contact us today to learn more about how our ecommerce development services can boost your business!