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3INA, a prominent e-commerce brand in the cosmetics, makeup, and skincare industry, has revolutionized the sector with its high-quality products and commitment to society through its cruelty-free, vegan, and European production policy. Nevertheless, in order to maintain the exceptional service its customers expect, it became imperative to enhance its logistics processes and optimize order and inventory management.

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Addressing 3INA’s logistics challenges, we didn’t just implement an integration; we designed a custom solution that completely transformed their supply chain management, turning obstacles into opportunities and elevating the customer experience to the next level.

Hugo Peremarch

Project Developer

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The challenge

With sustained growth and an expanding customer base, 3INA encountered the challenge of efficiently managing its shipping logistics, order tracking, and keeping inventory up-to-date. The absence of direct integration between their Shopify Plus e-commerce platform and their logistics provider, SEUR, was resulting in delays, possible errors, and inefficient inventory management, impacting the overall shopping experience for their customers.

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Our work

At Linea Grafica, we immersed ourselves in 3INA’s operations to understand their specific needs. We developed a customized solution to seamlessly integrate their Shopify-based e-commerce platform with SEUR, optimizing the shipping and order tracking process.

  • Shipping Integration: We established a direct connection between 3INA and SEUR, streamlining the shipping process by eliminating manual interventions. Now, orders are sent directly to the SEUR system.
  • Tracking and Status Updates: We introduced a real-time order tracking functionality for 3INA and its customers, providing automatic updates on shipment status and tracking codes for enhanced transparency.
  • Automated Stock Management: Through the new integration, store inventory is automatically updated based on sales and returns. This ensures that 3INA maintains accurate inventory levels and minimizes the risk of out-of-stock sales.

What did we achieve?

The SEUR integration has transformed 3INA’s operations, boosting efficiency, reducing errors, and delivering an enhanced shopping experience for their customers. Inventory management is now more precise, and customers appreciate the transparency and speed of the shipping and delivery process

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Experts in customized ecommerce logistics integrations

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