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Sell in
real time thanks
to Live Shopping!

We are experts in Live Shopping, a service in which we showcase your products to your audience through streaming videos. We create a 100% tailored shopping experience that aligns with the latest consumer trends.

What are you waiting for?
Level up your online store

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Impact your audience
selling innovatively

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Interaction and trust

By experiencing products in real-time, customers trust in their quality and the likelihood of purchase increases significantly.

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Promotions and offers

Live discounts reward the sense of urgency in making purchases and encourage spontaneous buying, resulting in an increase in monthly revenue.

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Catalog visibility

Increases viewer attention and improves product visibility compared to traditional static advertising.

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Greater customer loyalty

Thanks to this unique shopping experience, you will improve customer loyalty and their commitment to your ecommerce.

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By interacting in real-time, you can gather data on preferences and needs, allowing for greater customization in communication with customers.

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Live streams can be shared on different platforms, allowing you to maximize your audience reach.

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Live sales?

Show and promote products in real time, creating a unique user experience easily.

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¿Video what?

Your own TV Channel from where you can broadcast your Live Shopping shows and re-stream them to your social media platforms. A repository to store all your interactive Shopentertainment videos.

In summary, a video web platform.

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Get incredible data
on your sales

average add-to-cart rate
average session duration
chat engagement rate

Interested in what
you've seen?

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Big brands trust
100% in the onlive system

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What will we do for you?

Strategic event planning and onboarding
Design of materials and technical set-up
Monitoring and reporting of actions

We facilitate your first steps
towards Live Shopping

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Standard Live Shopping Campaign Service
Technical strategic consulting for the event
Scriptwriting for the presentation
Platform integration
Product preparation and catalog support
Video cover visual design
Broadcast testing
Personalized support during the live broadcast
Event results report
Add additional services to your Live Shopping campaign
Email marketing campaign
Social media pre-broadcast promotion campaign
Press release distribution
Influence marketing campaign

Compatible with
ecommerce platforms

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