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Morrison is a reference brand in one of the most competitive sectors today, the footwear and fashion sector. Its value proposition is based on the creation of original, recognizable, iconic and different from the rest sneakers.

Under the slogan “#BuscaElFaro”, Morrison inspires to find one’s own purpose, to fight for what everyone is passionate about and of course, to make it different from the rest.

The brand started its journey in 2016 thanks to a crowdfunding to finance the project without even having manufactured the sneakers. Today, it has become a leading ecommerce on the national scene and on the fashion scene.

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The experience working the marketing automation with Linea Grafica has been excellent. The onboarding process with all the integration of the platform with our ecommerce was really simple thanks to the help of Linea Grafica. What I value most is the closeness of the team and the fast support they give for any action we want to carry out. In addition, the flexibility of the team in managing tasks and the constant proposals for improvement have allowed us to grow in this channel in a very short time.

Pablo Recuenco

CEO of Morrison Shoes

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The challenge

Morrison was looking to be able to adopt an effective long-term Marketing Automation strategy, capable of:

– Improve the shopping experience through personalized actions based on customer behavior.

– Increase the level of loyalty and strengthen the link with the brand.

– Boost the growth of ecommerce and reinforce the recurrence of purchases.

– Carry out omnichannel actions from a single platform.

– Analyze the data to make continuous improvements.

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Our work

At Linea Grafica, an agency specialized in marketing automation and ecommerce development, we designed a tailored strategy focused on achieving Morrison’s objectives.

Thanks to the expertise of our team, we created customized workflows with which we have covered the entire customer journey process, thus increasing sales and loyalty opportunities.

In addition, thanks to the adoption of the Data First philosophy, we have been able to take advantage of the value of data to build hyper-personalized mechanics with which to impact groups of customers according to their needs and behaviors.

After 3 years of working together, the results obtained place marketing automation as an essential marketing axis in the growth of the brand.

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Grow big with Marketing Automation

Move to the next level. Personalize the shopping experience and increase your conversions.

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