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Capriche, a renowned brand in the fashion space, underwent a significant digital transformation by carrying out a complete restyling of its online identity and migrating its e-commerce platform from PrestaShop to Shopify.

This strategic change not only modernized the brand image, but also improved the user experience, offering more intuitive navigation and an optimized purchasing process thanks to Shopify checkout.

The migration to Shopify, known for its friendly interface and robust functionalities, allowed Capriche to adapt to the prevailing technological needs.

This success story demonstrates how adaptation to emerging technologies and attention to detail in brand presentation can have a direct and positive impact on the project.

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Our client, Capriche, suffering from the inherent problems of a platform that had accumulated years of use, required a shift to a stable and scalable system that wouldn’t need server expansions or other adjustments to support the high loads of promotional campaigns.

This need led to the migration to Shopify, where Línea Gráfica could collaborate in terms of design, planning, and development of Capriche’s new online store, in addition to migrating historical data such as orders, clients, and the transfer of multimedia data and product categorization.

Together with custom developments in terms of size guides and selectors in listings and the new automated video playback system, which allows a brief video “reel” to be viewed on each product, the project has been enhanced to its maximum expression.

Borja Celda

Project Developer

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The Challenge

Before its transformation, Capriche faced significant challenges that hindered its growth and ability to compete in the dynamic fashion sector.

Its previous platform, based on Prestashop, although functional, was beginning to show signs of obsolescence and limitations in terms of scalability and user experience.

Moreover, the brand’s design and online presence aesthetics did not fully reflect the quality and modernity of its products.

It was imperative for Capriche to revitalize its image and optimize its e-commerce platform to meet the expectations of a modern, demanding, and predominantly mobile consumer.

The brand needed not just a makeover but also a robust solution that could adapt to its future growth and provide an exceptional user experience.

The challenge was clear: to carry out a comprehensive restyling that refreshed the brand and migrate to a more advanced and scalable platform that could support the expansion ambitions of Capriche. All this had to be achieved without disrupting the existing business flow and ensuring a smooth transition for the brand’s regular customers.

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Our Work

Faced with the challenge posed by Capriche, our team embarked on a comprehensive digital transformation project with two main objectives: revitalize the visual identity of the brand and migrate its online store from PrestaShop to Shopify.

Restyling the look & feel of the e-commerce:

We began by immersing ourselves in the core of the Capriche brand to understand its essence, values, and target audience. With this understanding, we redesigned the visual layer of the e-commerce, creating a fresher, more modern style aligned with current fashion trends.

Migration to Shopify:

The migration from Prestashop to Shopify was a meticulous and strategic process. We started by structuring a Shopify store that not only reflected the brand’s new style but also significantly improved the user experience.

We implemented intuitive navigations and optimized product pages for mobile devices, ensuring that customers could discover and buy products easily, regardless of the device used.

In addition, we made advanced customizations in Shopify to meet the specific needs of Capriche, including the integration of marketing tools like Connectif and more flexible payment options, among others.

Special attention was also given to SEO and site speed optimization to ensure that Capriche not only attracts but also retains customers.

SEO Migration

Aware of the importance of organic positioning for online visibility and store traffic, we approached SEO migration with a meticulous focus.

We carried out a complete mapping of existing URLs to ensure effective 301 redirection, thus preserving the accumulated SEO value and maintaining the clarity of the site structure for search engines.

We analyzed and replicated the information architecture of the old website on the new one, ensuring that the content hierarchy and page authority distribution remained intact.

We adapted the meta tags, optimized product descriptions and images, and refined the content on the new platform to improve keyword relevance.

We also implemented a post-launch monitoring plan to track the response of search engines and user experience, allowing us to make quick and efficient adjustments to rectify any issues and capitalize on opportunities for improvement in search visibility.

Transition and Training:

Understanding the importance of a seamless transition, our team ensured that all essential data, including product inventories and customer databases, were migrated safely and efficiently.

After the migration, we provided detailed training sessions to the Capriche team, ensuring they were fully equipped to manage their renewed e-commerce platform.

Our work culminated in a revamped platform that not only enhanced the identity of the Capriche brand but also set a new standard in online shopping experience, paving the way for sustained business growth and increased customer satisfaction.


What Did We Achieve?

Thanks to our work with Capriche, we achieved:

  • We ensured that the new Shopify platform was ready to scale, facilitating the management of a larger volume of transactions and products without compromising performance.

  • We consolidated the brand identity with a restyling that reflected the quality and style of Capriche, increasing brand recognition in the market.

  • Improved Analytics: We implemented advanced analytics solutions to provide the brand with deeper insights into consumer behavior and site performance, enabling more informed business decisions.

  • Smooth Transition: We completed a seamless transition from the old site to the new one, with no significant downtime, allowing Capriche to continue its business operations and sales without obstacles.

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Improve user experience and performance

Do you need to migrate your e-commerce to a more powerful platform like Shopify? Are you looking to improve the user experience and performance of your site? At Línea Gráfica, we can help you do just that. Contact us today to learn more about our Shopify development services!

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