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Electrotodo is a highly successful e-commerce retailer specializing in household appliance spare parts, boasting a strong presence in the domestic market as well as in countries like France, Portugal, and Germany, among others. With an extensive catalog and a rapidly expanding customer base, Electrotodo required a robust and scalable e-commerce platform to support its continued growth.

This success story narrates how our agency successfully developed their new online store on Shopify Plus, including a complex and sophisticated data migration encompassing over half a million orders.

Of particular significance is the store’s clean design, user-friendly interface, and the custom apps we designed specifically for Electrotodo to meet the project’s unique requirements.

Electrotodo undeniably represents one of the most intricate projects executed on Shopify Plus. This complexity arises from the nature of its products, the extensive range of references, and the multitude of brands they collaborate with. It’s worth noting that we completed this project in just three months.


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Electrotodo is undoubtedly one of the most technically complex projects we’ve ever undertaken.

With a data import of over half a million orders and the development of custom applications and extensions required for its completion, we’re proud to say that this project represents one of the most comprehensive Shopify stores and the best experience in our company’s history.

Borja Celda

Project Developer 

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The challenge

Electrotodo required highly specific solutions to ensure their online business could confidently meet customer satisfaction:

Previous E-commerce Platform Limitations: Their previous platform couldn’t scale to accommodate the growing traffic and sales.

Limited Customization: The lack of customization options on the old platform hindered the creation of an engaging and distinctive user experience.

Integration with Existing Systems: Electrotodo needed greater flexibility to integrate new functionalities and business management tools.

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Our work

Our team of developers successfully implemented the following solutions using Shopify Plus:

Platform Migration: We seamlessly transferred all product, customer, and order data from Electrotodo to Shopify Plus.

Design and Customization: We crafted a bespoke, visually appealing design that embodied Electrotodo’s brand identity and delivered an optimized user experience.

Integrations: We achieved full integration with inventory management, logistics, and operational systems, empowering Electrotodo to efficiently manage its operations and enhance customer service.

Workflow Automation: We introduced automated solutions for tasks such as order management and promotional email dispatch, enabling Electrotodo to save valuable time and resources.

Mobile Optimization: We ensured that Electrotodo’s website was fully functional and optimized for mobile devices, significantly improving the user experience compared to their previous platform.

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