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Cofidis is a recognized financial institution specializing in consumer credit and payment solutions, with a strong presence in the European market. Founded in France, Cofidis has demonstrated its commitment to innovation and excellence in customer service throughout its history, expanding its operations to several countries and adapting to the changing needs of the financial market.

Working with Cofidis as a technology partner is a unique and valuable opportunity, as it allows us to collaborate with a leading company in its sector, whose customer-centric approach and innovation aligns perfectly with our values and objectives. By being part of this strategic alliance, Linea Grafica not only acquires greater visibility and reputation in the market, but also gives us the possibility to face cutting-edge technological challenges and develop solutions that make a difference in the financial arena for e-commerce.

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During our service to Cofidis customers, we have been able to respond to integration problems in Woocomerce, Magento and Prestashop based stores, with a wide variety of specific configurations for each of them.

Applying our experience in the development of e-commerce modules, we have proposed and developed functional and optimization improvements to existing Cofidis modules, which have allowed us to reduce the number of support requests for these solutions.

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Proyect Manager

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The challenge

Linea Grafica takes on the challenge of providing technological support to Cofidis in its financed payment functionality for different ecommerce technologies. This challenge involves working with a leading financial institution and ensuring innovative, secure and efficient technological solutions that adapt to the specific needs of Cofidis and its customers.

One of the main challenges of this project is to provide support for possible incidents that Cofidis customers may have with the developed functionality, as well as the continuous improvement of the functionality thanks to the feedback provided by customers and driven by the technological demands of the market. The solutions developed must be able to integrate seamlessly with existing Cofidis and e-commerce systems, ensuring optimal performance and an exceptional user experience for end-consumers.

It is also crucial to keep abreast of the latest trends and technological developments in the field of e-commerce and financed payment solutions. This will allow us to anticipate changes in the market and offer Cofidis proactive solutions that will enable them to maintain their position as one of the leaders in the financial sector and remain an attractive option for e-commerce.

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Our work

Linea Grafica has carried out a set of support and development works for Cofidis, focusing mainly on the integration of its payment solutions financed in the main e-commerce platforms and the development of specific functionalities for the CMS PrestaShop. The main areas in which our collaboration has been focused are detailed below:

WooCommerce Support: We have provided technical support for the integration of Cofidis funded payment addons into the WooCommerce platform, ensuring proper implementation, performance and compatibility with the different versions and themes of WooCommerce.

Support for Magento: Similarly, we have worked on the integration of Cofidis’ financed payment addons into the Magento platform, ensuring an optimal user experience and an efficient and secure financed payment process for e-commerce using this platform.

Support for PrestaShop: We offered technical support for the integration of Cofidis financed payment solutions on the PrestaShop platform, adapting to the specific characteristics and requirements of this platform and its users.

Development of functionalities for the PrestaShop CMS: As well as providing support for the integration of the financed payment addons, we have developed specific and customized functionalities for the PrestaShop CMS, based on the needs of Cofidis and its customers. These functionalities allow e-commerces using PrestaShop to offer a more complete financed payment experience tailored to their particular requirements.

Our work with Cofidis has focused on providing state-of-the-art technological solutions and high quality support, ensuring that their financed payment solutions work optimally on all major e-commerce platforms. This partnership has enabled Cofidis to consolidate its position as a leader in the financial sector and remain an attractive option for e-commerce merchants looking to offer financed payment options to their customers.

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