- Caso Éxito Aliexpress
- Caso Éxito Aliexpress

The platform property of Asian e-commerce giant Alibaba Group, founded in 2010, has democratized access to a myriad of products at affordable prices for people around the world.

AliExpress has been an important platform for small businesses, allowing them to sell their products globally without having to establish a physical presence in other countries.

Spain was one of the most important countries for Aliexpress in its expansion strategy after Russia and the U.S., which shows the notoriety of the platform for the Spanish consumer, even having physical stores in the domestic market.

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Since 4 years ago Linea Grafica has been an indispensable ally for the integration of small and medium European sellers in Aliexpress.

Any Prestashop store could be integrated with Aliexpress in a simple and fast way.
From their e-commerces, hundreds of stores have been able to sell their products on the Aliexpress marketplace to the whole world, keeping their catalogs and orders updated automatically.

An undoubted benefit for all those sellers who have integrated their stores in Aliexpress thanks to the official module developed by Linea Grafica.

Francisco Torres

Project Manager

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The challenge

AliExpress needed a company with proven experience in Prestashop to develop a functionality that would be able to:

– Integrate and synchronize the online store catalog with the marketplace.

– Achieve an integration that would allow ecommerce to sell all over Europe.

– Import orders from AliExpress to PrestaShop and update their status.

– Notifying the shipment of orders directly through PrestaShop.

– Provide technical support and advice to people who purchased the addon.

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Our work

At Linea Grafica we accepted the challenge proposed by AliExpress, and we got down to work to develop the official Prestashop module for the Asian giant.

What was the outcome?

A module compatible with both version 1.6 and 1.7 of Prestashop. Fully functional and able to publish the catalog of a Prestashop store in AliExpress, keep updated information, prices and stocks of products and manage AliExpress orders from your Prestashop store.

Since its implementation, our addons have been very well received by ecommerces in many European countries, who have praised the ease of use and effectiveness of the solution, which has contributed to numerous positive reviews.

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Power your ecommerce with the best Prestashop Addons developed by Linea Grafica!

Optimize your customer’s experience and increase your sales with our customized solutions.

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