VPS Servers for PrestaShop

Enjoy cloud technology with our scalable VPS.



25,99€ / month

*VAT not included


39,99€ / month

*VAT not included


59,99€ / month

*VAT not included

Advantages of hiring a VPS Server with Línea Gráfica

VPS servers are ideal to have dedicated resources at a low cost. In addition to being scalable, you can expand your server without the need to transfer data or reinstall.

disco duro

Hard drives in RAID 10:

We know that data is the most important thing.

deteccion problemas

Automatic Hardware Problem Detection:

We control the hardware of our VPS at all times.

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Technical support:

Whenever you want you can be attended by our technicians.

monitoring 24h

24 hour monitoring:

We monitor your VPS server at all times to make sure everything is working properly.

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Managed VPS Server:

We manage the services of your VPS server for DirectAdmin and Plesk panels.

anti ddos

Anti-DDos system:

Included by default in all our VPS servers.

conectividad icon - VPS Servers for PrestaShop

High availability of connectivity:

The connectivity is redundant, obtaining an SLA greater than 99.9%.

panel control

Choice of Control Panel:

You will be able to choose between the main control panels for your VPS.

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