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Fast Buy by Reference – Quick CartModule

Promote impulse buying with the Fast Buy Buy module. Its intuitive features and functionalities make it an ideal complement to your online store. How does it work? Simple: choose the products you want by reference and select the quick purchase button. Perfect for B2B businesses!

Free installation
Life-time free updates
Official module verified by Prestashop
6 months FREE support
Extendable to 12 months for only 10€
COMPATIBLITY Prestashop - 1.7.8
VERSION 1.0.5. Published on 17/05/2022
DEVELOPED BY Logo Linea Gráfica
Tax no included
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to configure the button
  • Allow your customers to buy quickly
  • Allows to change the colours of the button text
  • Allows changing the background colours of the button
  • Add references directly to the cart
Benefits for your customers

Our module will allow your customers to make faster purchases in your shop, they will only have to add the reference and the units they want, and they can quickly buy your products. Perfect for B2B shops!

Add a quick purchase button to your shop to make it easier for your recurring customers! Now you can buy only with the reference of the product, it is as simple as adding the reference and the units of the reference, the products are added automatically to the cart. When the client finishes adding all the references to his quick cart he will go to the default cart with all the products added where he can proceed to the payment.
What can you customize of the module?
– You can change the location of the button
– You can change the colour of the button text
– You can change the background colour of the button